Autumn Term - Topic 5



Roald Dahl

The focus for this part of the term is literacy.

The children will kick start their topic having a Roald Dahl themed day, dressing up as a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Bucket.

 Literacy Focus

  Identify and discuss story beginnings.
• Write about a favourite story character.
• Recognise common features of books by the same author.
• Discuss stories read, form own opinions and write a book review.
• Identify and discuss characters and story events.
• Make predictions about what will happen in a story.
• Use role-play to interpret their story ideas.
• Write sentences using time connectives.
• Use appropriate turn taking techniques as discussing and planning a drama.
• Plan an extended story, using different techniques to record their ideas.
• Create own story characters.
• Write the opening part of their extended story.
• Write dialogue using speech bubbles.
• Write an extended story using appropriate story language.
• Use story plans to support writing.
• Write some punctuated complex sentences.
• Use capital letters appropriately.
• Begin to use speech marks to show dialogue between characters.
• Complete their extended story by writing a good ending.
• Check writing makes sense, also check punctuation.
• Review & edit their work with support, and make appropriate changes where necessary.
Present work appropriately.


We will also be making connections:

Geography – name and locate the 7 continents
History –The life of a significant individual - timeline of the books written by Roald Dahl
Art – Quentin Blake – study the work of a range of artists


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