Our first 3 week topic will be,

How does your garden grow?


We will begin our topic with an inspirational starter day where we will be introduced to our class book, 'The Magic Fareaway Tree.'  We will then work together to create magical, living gardens.  The challenge will be keeping them alive!

As Artists we will

  -get creative by looking at botanical artists from the past.

As computer scientists we will

  • understand some elements of survey design
  • understand some ethical and legal aspects of online data collection
  • use the web to facilitate data collection
  •  gain skills in using charts to analyse data
  •  gain skills in interpreting results


As scientists we will

   -know plant features – eg root, stem and what they do

    - know how water is transported in plants

  -know what a plant needs to grow and stay healthy

  -be able to compare the effects of different conditions on plant growth

  -be able to explain pollination

  -be able to name parts of a flower and their functions

  -know how seeds are dispersed in different ways.


Our next 3 week topic is


Who is Banksy?



We will be starting off our 3 week topic with an inspirational starter!  We will be having fun trying out different forms of graffiti from large scale spray painting on the field to small scale window painting.

We will then work hard to create our own Banksy inspired art work which will be available for parents to come and view at our gallery open afternoon (more details to follow). 

Don't forget to bring a bag of old clothes to wear over the next few weeks.  We will be getting messy!


As Artists:

Gain an understanding of who Banksy is and why he is famous.

Analyse different techniques that Banksy uses e.g. stencilling

Gain an understanding of the history of stencilling

Experiment with different forms of stencilling

Reproduce art in the style of Banksy

Critique art that themselves and others have created

Compare and contrast Banksy to other graffiti artists

Our next 2 week topic is,


What happened in the Stone Age?

We will be kicking off our brand new topic with an exciting 'Stone Age' exploration day with Ranger Dan, next Tuesday.  We will be learning about all kinds of exciting Stone Age things from weapon making to cooking.

Don't forget to wear old, warm, waterproof clothing and wellies for this event in school.


We will be reading the amazing book 'The Stone Age Boy' and using this as a stimulus for writing.


As Historians we will:

-be able to ask historical questions about the Stone Age

 -explain how we know about the Stone Age

-be able to research information about the Stone Age

-use a range of materials to create cave painting inspired art

-know how the Stone Age affected the geographical landscape

-know about Stone Age landmarks