Our current topic is ...

We will be starting our topic with a virtual reality tour of various mountains, including a high energy wing suit trip through valleys.


We will cover the following objectives:

describe and understand key aspects of

physical geography, including: mountains,

use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied

understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom, a region in a European country, and a region in North or South America


As geographers we will:

Locate mountains of the world on a map

State which continent each mountain is in

Understand what classifies a mountain as such

Know the risks taken when climbing mountains

Understand about famous explores

Use map symbols

Explain in detail one mountain range, including naming peaks



In English, our genre focus will be narrative and we will be reading the class text When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth.

Our class timetable

Our homework timetable

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