Our Topic for the final 3 weeks of the spring term is...


We will be looking depth at

By the end of this topic the children will:


Name at least 5 of the works of Shakespeare

Know who Shakespeare was

Understand the influence Shakespeare had on the literary world

Understand the importance of the Globe theatre

Know in depth the work of a play – Macbeth

Be able to put Shakespeare plays into categories e.g. tragedy, comedy

We will achieve this knowledge by teaching the children the following objectives:

Emphasise pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of language, especially vocabulary, to support their reading and writing.

Continuing to read and discuss an increasingly wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks

Increasing their familiarity with a wide range of books, including fiction from our literary heritage.

Discuss and evaluate how authors use language, including figurative language, considering the impact on the reader

We will finish reading:

Then we will read: