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Such a busy busy week... well done to EVERYONE!

This week and next week we will be learning about halves and quarters in maths. You can practise cutting fruit into halves and quarters when you make your smoothies this week on Thursday afternoon! 

Please find all worksheets below.

You will need scissors, pencils, colouring pencils with you.


Please can parents have the fruit your child uses in their design available for them to use by Thursday afternoon.  Please can you try to have access to a smoothie maker or blender by Thursday too.  


You can come to the Friday afternoon zoom meeting with your CRAZIEST hairstyle!

Topic lessons are on a Tuesday and a Thursday afternoon.  On Tuesday afternoon your child will need to design their own smoothie on the smoothie design sheet and label it too.  I have uploaded a word and picture sheet to help with this activity too, see below.  Please stick the completed sheet into the back of the red book.  On Thursday your child will make their smoothie.  Please take a picture of this if you can so I can upload it onto our web page.

  There are plenty of 'how to make a smoothie' videos on You Tube and recipes on line.

I have uploaded pictures of the 'bridge hold' and 'claw grip' to support you when helping your child to chop the fruit. 


 Some words for labelling your smoothie.docxDownload
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 smoothie design.docxDownload
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Wolf, Wild Animal, Animal World Wolf, Predator, Look, Portrait, Head Wolf, Predator, Grey, Animal, Mammal

MONDAY: Look at the pictures of wolves above and write one or more sentences describing the wolf using adjectives.  You can write your sentence straight into your red book.  Don't forget to check your sentences using your sentence checker.

TUESDAY: Question or statement: Think about Little Red meeting the wolf for the first time.  They have never seen a creature like each other before. Little Red and the wolf would want to ask each other some questions.  In your books write the questions Little Red would like to ask the wolf.  Make sure you use a capital letter at the start of each question and a question mark at the end of each question.

WEDNESDAY: Understanding the past tense - sounds game. Cut up the verbs from the verb sheet and place them face down. With a partner take it in turns to turn a word over and decide which sound the -ed is making.  Place the verb on your -ed bingo board.  If you choose a word that has an -ed sound you don't need it should go back into the pile.  Once you have completed this game, choose verbs from the verb sheet and write them into a sentence.  Remember to rehearse your sentence first. Remember to check your sentence at the end.

THURSDAY: Using the hands washing sheet, cut up the pictures and stick them onto the sheet into the correct order.  Then stick the sheet into your red book.

FRIDAY: In English today you will order instructions for cleaning your teeth.  Cut up the instructions and stick them into the correct order into your book.  Remember the title always goes at the top.

 Bingo card wed.docxDownload
 Brushing teeth instructions to order FRDIAY.docDownload
 Verbs for bingo game wed.docxDownload
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PSHE: Keeping healthy lesson 1

Have a chat with your child about:

  • What sort of things do you think we can all do to stay healthy? [Have a good night’s sleep, eat healthy meals and snacks, do exercise every day, wash hands before eating meals and after going to the toilet; cleaning teeth before leaving for school etc.] 
  • Why is it important to have a good night’s sleep? [Because our bodies rest and grow when we’re asleep] 
  • Why is it important to exercise regularly? [To keep the body as fit as possible and to make us feel good] 
  • Why is it important to eat healthy food? [To give the body all the special things it needs to grow strong and healthy. NB: see 'I can eat a Rainbow' lesson plan for more in-depth work on healthy foods] 
  • Why is it important to have a wash and to brush our teeth? [To keep the body clean and reduce germs, to keep the teeth strong and healthy and help stop them decaying]

    ACTIVITY: Children to decide

    1. Which of the things illustrated on the first sheet they need to stay alive
    2. Which of the things they need to be healthy
    3. Which of the things they might like to have occasionally as a treat. 

    They should cut out the different foods on the first sheet and then arrange them in the correct space on the Sorting board Activity sheet.

    Please stick the completed activity into the back of the red book. Thank you!

 Healthy Me - Activity Sheet and Sorting Board (1).pdf L1.pdfDownload
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