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Welcome to Week 11!

Please find information here about the summer reading challenge.


We will continue with the White Rose scheme.... you know how it works!  Yes that's right! Watch the video clip and then complete the activity!

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And on Friday there are some activity cards to have a go at...

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This week we will continue with our story from last week called

Storm Whale by Benji Davies.

Please complete the activities below.

Monday: Enjoy sharing the story again.  Take a good look at the picture and write a list of all the nouns you can see.  Remember a noun is a naming word, for example chair, bucket, table.

Tuesday: Looking at your list of nouns from yesterday, write an adjective that describes each one.

For example orange flask, steaming kettle, sticky jam.

Remember an adjective describes the noun.

Wednesday: Using your list from Tuesday write I can see sentences.  Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.  You could try to use an 'and' to join two sentences together.

For example: I can see a steaming kettle and some sticky jam.

Thursday: Complete the emotions and thought bubbles

Friday: Complete the emotions and thought bubbles

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For Topic, I thought it would be fun for you to do some Art over the next 3 weeks.

  I know you have enjoyed travelling around the world, finding out about the different continents in our last topic.

  So, with that in mind we will be doing art based on animals from around the world.

We will start with British wildlife and then African Adventures.

I have attached a lesson plan for your parents to take a look at and some slides and activities for you to have a look at.

  You can choose which activity you would like to do!


 Animal Art Plan1.pdfDownload
 Animal Art Plan2.pdfDownload
 Animal Art Slide1.pdfDownload
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 Animal Art Work1.pdfDownload
 Animal Art Work2.pdfDownload
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