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Maths this week will follow the White Rose plans again.

  You can watch a video to start each lesson and then complete the activity for each day.  Please scroll down the page to access the links to each learning video.  There is also a knowledge organiser.

Monday - add by making 10

Tuesday - subtract within 20

Wednesday - add and subtract word problems

Thursday - comparing number sentences

Friday - number bond challenge sheet.  No video to support this, just revision of your number bonds within 5, 10, 20 and beyond.  See how many you know and how quickly you can complete them!

Sheets are below...

 Lesson 1 Add by making 10 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Subtraction - crossing 10 (1) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Subtraction - crossing 10 (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Compare number sentences 2019.pdfDownload
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We will continue with the Talk for Writing unit of work from last week. 

MONDAY - Share the story again to remind yourselves!  Read Pippety's Pixie Fact file on p13.  Now find a box and fill it with things you think you would like.  Complete the I found sheet in sentences.

TUESDAY - Look back at the Pixie Fact file from yesterday.  Use Pippety's to help you complete your own on p14.  What will your pixie name be?  How old are you in pixie years?

WEDNESDAY - Pixie has written a poem about the things she has collected p15.  Share this together and then solve the riddles together on p16.

THURSDAY - Complete the activity on p17.  What would you find in a giant's pocket? Draw your pictures then write sentences about what you found on p18.

FRIDAY - Read the letter from Pippety together.  Have fun making your rainbow memory together.  Then complete the sentence activity on p20.


There are additional activities to complete, for instance making play dough, if you wish to do so.


Over the next two weeks we would like you to explore the human body and a healthy lifestyle.

Our activities will include; learning about the human body and organs, healthy food and a balanced diet,learning about the 5 senses,medicines and the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

Below I have listed some suggested activities and included some PowerPoints and activities to help. I have tried to include helpful resources and websites to help, but as always please choose the activities you wish to do with your child.


There are also some excellent videos on BBC Bitesize . In particular for this week these videos would be good for your child to watch;

  1. What are the parts of the body?  
  2. What do humans need to stay healthy?  
  3. Skeletons

Activity 1: My Wonderful body

Help your child to read through the PowerPoint- My Wonderful Body (you do need to click on on each page several times for the information to appear and the sound symbol). 

Activity- Label the Human Body activity (see files below)


Extension: For our older Infant children or those who are interested, I have also included a more complex Skeleton PowerPoint and there is an additional activity- Skeleton extension (see files). 

*There is also a word search- Human Body word search.

 Label Human Body.pdfDownload
 My Wonderful Body.pptDownload
 Skeleton extension activity.docDownload
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Activity 2: Healthy Food

Help your child to look at the file- Let's eat a Healthy Balanced Diet. Talk about the different food groups. You may wish to look at the foodeeze food group cards and cut these out to make a healthy balanced plate. 

Activity: Challenge your child to plan a healthy lunch or dinner, ensuring they select a food from each food group. Your child may wish to draw their healthy meal on a paper plate or circle template. Older children may like to type up the details of their healthy lunch/ dinner. They could then help to make their healthy meal.

Extension: Look at the Food Origins files. Challenge your child to select 5 food products and identify where they came from.

 Let's-eat- A Healthy Balanced Diet.pdfDownload
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Activity 3: Inside my Body

Help your child to look at the Organs PowerPoint. 

Activity: Help your child to draw an outline of their body. They could do this outside using chalk or on an old roll of wallpaper. Can they draw, position and label some of the main organs in the body e.g. brain, heart, lungs, Stomach. You may want to print out the organs cards (see files below) and help your child to cut them out and stick them on rather than drawing.

Extension: Older children could be encouraged to match the pictures of organs to their descriptions (see files- Organ Card Sort). 

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