Spring Term - Topic 3



David Hockney

The focus for this part of the term is art.

The children will  start the topic with an art gallery in the classroom.

  • Learning objectives

    Use a range of materials creatively
    Use drawing, painting and sculpture
    Develop a wide range of art and design techniques
    Learn about the work of artists

We will develop this knowledge :
• As artists we will:
Understand the work of David Hockney
Be able to express appreciation for a piece of art
Say what we like and dislike about artwork
Look closely at colour and scale
Be able to attempt to re-create pieces of artwork in the style of David Hockney

We will also be making connections:

English – re-telling of Hansel and Gretel – using David Hockney landscapes as inspiration.
locate places in the UK on a map and connecting them to the artist

We will reflect back to Y1 - comparing artists such as L.S Lowry
We will reflect back to We are photographers topic – Pop Art and Andy Warhol
We will reflect back to Material Monsters – colour, pattern and texture and retelling of fairy tales in The Three Little pigs.