Summer Term 2


Towns and Beaches

To start this topic Class 2 will have a beach day at school. After this we will look at Lytham st Annes Beach and compare it with our local town of Knutsford. 

Our Objectives are to look at:

Identify key physical and human features, including: beach, cliff, coast, sea, ocean, river, vegetation, season and weather, city, town, house, office, port, harbour and shops.

Use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries, as well as the countries, continents and oceans studied at this key stage.
Use simple compass directions (North, South, East and West) and locational and directional language [for example, near and far; left and right], to describe the location of features and routes on a map.

As geographers we will:
Understand the difference between key physical features at a beach and town
Identify the human features of a beach/town
Name the continents
Locate the location we visit on a map
Use simple compass directions
Use language associated with location
Understand what a port/harbour is
Understand seasonal  and daily weather.