Autumn Term 



Roald Dahl

The focus for this part of the term is literacy.

The children will kick start their topic by taking part in a reading cafe with Roald Dahl books and completing some Roald Dahl themed activities. 

 Literacy Focus

We will be using the book 'The Enormous Crocodile' to inspire our writing this topic. We will also be reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory to start this term. If you like these books, Roald Dahl has written lots of others that you can enjoy at home.  

Recognise common features of books by the same author.
• Discuss stories read, form own opinions and write a book review.
• Identify and discuss characters and story events.
• Make predictions about what will happen in a story.
• Use role-play to interpret their story ideas.
• Write sentences using expanded noun phrases.
• Plan a story, using different techniques to record their ideas.
• Write the opening part of their story.
• Write an extended story using appropriate story language.
• Use story plans to support writing.
• Use capital letters appropriately.
• Complete their story by writing a good ending.
• Check writing makes sense, also check punctuation.
• Review & edit their work with support, and make appropriate changes where necessary.
• Present work appropriately.


We will also be making connections:

History –The life of a significant individual - timeline of the books written by Roald Dahl