Remote Learning Week 3


Welcome back! I have really enjoyed seeing all your hard work from last week and I hope you are all well. Thank you for all your patience as we all get used to learning online and get in touch if you have any problems. 

Friday Fun Zoom - This week you can come to your Friday fun zoom wearing a hat! The funnier the better. Don't have a hat? You could make one or just put something funny on your head like a toy or a piece of fruit!


This week we will be focusing on statistics. The children will be learning about different types of charts and graphs and how to understand them. This is a handy guide of all the knowledge we will cover in statistics. 

Monday- Tally charts. Below is the video from the start of the lesson. This is the activity for today. 


Tuesday- Today we are looking at pictograms. Use this sheet to make your own pictogram about fruit. 

Wednesday - In our lesson today, we were finding answers to questions using the pictograms. It is your turn now on this activity

Thursday - You are making your own pictogram today using the information from class. Then answer the questions at the end. Find the sheet here. 

Friday - You will find the song from the lesson below. Complete this sheet of pictograms using symbols for different amounts. 



We are continuing with our book Rosie Revere this week. The video of the story is below. This week we are building up to planning our own version of the story. The task cards with the activities for this week are below. 

Move item here
 Rosie Revere, Engineer week 2.pptxDownload
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Afternoon sessions

PEGet active with PE with Joe! This is the link to his Youtube channel where you will find his latest live streams. 

If you want something different for PE this week, here is the link to the Cosmic Yoga Youtube channel or enjoy some fresh air with a walk or in the garden. 

Topic -  I hope you are enjoying our mini worlds topic. I love seeing the work you have done so far! This week we are looking at our local habitats. These activities can be split over a few days. 

Start by watching this video on local habitats from BBC Bitesize and read through the presentation which has more information about habitats. There are also lots of other videos on habitats here on BBC Bitesize.

Draw a picture of your local habitat in the back of your process book. This could be your garden, the view from your window or your street. Label the different parts of the habitat and what plants and animals live there. 

This next task is an art activity. Create a picture using objects that you can find in your local area like the picture below. I can't wait to see your creations!


Your next task is about microhabitats. Read through the microhabitat presentation. At the end you are asked to go on a minibeast hunt in different microhabitats in your area. Please do this safely and wash your hands afterwards. Complete the microhabitat recording sheet and create a pictogram. 

Finally, there are two activities on Purple Mash using everything from this weeks topic lessons. 

All of the resources for topic are below.


 Lesson Presentation Local Habitats updated.pptDownload
 Lesson Presentation Microhabitats updated.pptDownload
 Microhabitats Enquiry Pictogram Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Microhabitats Enquiry Survey Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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PHSE - Last week, we started a topic of staying safe. Discuss these questions together:

  • What is a medicine? (Something which can be given to help make somebody feel better.  A medicine often only helps treat the symptoms of an illness, rather than the illness itself. The body is pretty good at recovering from most illnesses by itself!)
  • How do people take medicines? (Tablets that are swallowed, liquids that are measured in a special spoon and swallowed, creams or ointments that are rubbed onto the skin. Less commonly inhaled - breathed in.)
  • How would someone feel if they took too much medicine? (They could feel very poorly.) 
  • How would someone feel if they took the wrong medicine? (Again they could feel very poorly.)
  • Why do adults need to look after medicines? (To make sure they were kept in a safe place and taken properly.)
  • Who would normally look after your medicine at home? (Parent/carer.) 

Play the game 'Help Tania get better'.

I have also set some work on Purple Mash to create a leaflet about staying safe.