Remote Learning Week 1




This week in maths, we are going to recap some of our most recent work to help us for addition and subtraction next week. I will be hosting live lessons on zoom before allowing time to complete the activities. Here are the activities that you may want to print out or you could complete them straight into your maths books. 

Thursday: We will be using today to play some maths games and get used to using zoom. 

Friday: Number bonds to 100. This is a possible extension sheet and the game 'Hit the Button' is a great way to practise number bonds and other maths facts. 



In English this half term, we are using the book Rosie Revere the Engineer building up to writing a story and instructions.

Thursday: We have a special guest appearance during our zoom lesson and we will then be writing a letter to Rosie. 

Friday: Below you will find a link to a video of the story for you to refer back to. Here are a few words and phrases from the story. We will talk about what these mean during our live lesson and then the class will have chance to write or draw what they mean and include them into sentences. 





a smile ear-to-ear

dawn approached



At the start of this week, we started a new topic called 'How has the nation changed?'. However, this topic is best completed in school as it is very discussion based. Therefore, we are starting a new topic called Mini Worlds which is a science topic on living things and their habitats.  

To kick start our topic, I have found a number of different virtual zoo tours or live streams that you can watch. Chester zoo have a 6 virtual zoo days which you can choose from. Here is a example of one of their clips:

San Diego Zoo have live cameras to some of their animals. There website also has activities, information and games related to our topic. See if your favourite animal is on their and learn about it's habitat!