Remote Learning - Week 2

Welcome to our first full week of remote learning! I hope the first couple of days went well. Please get in touch if you have any problems. 


In maths this week, we are doing subtraction together.  

Monday - We will be completing this sheet on our zoom. Feel free to write on the sheet or straight into your maths books. I have attached the video link in case you want to come back to this again - Whiterose video.

Tuesday - This sheet is split into 3 sections. The last 2 sections can be used as an extension for an extra challenge. 

Wednesday - Feel free to just write the calculations and answers in your books if you prefer during the lesson. Subtraction match sheet.

Thursday  - These questions will be shown on screen during our lesson but it is available here if you want them.

Friday This is a Learning by Questions session. The login will be given during the live lesson. 


This week are continuing with Rosie Revere. There are no additional sheets for English this week. All information will be shown during the live lesson. However, here is the link to our story and the task PowerPoint that I show on the zoom lesson. 

 Rosie Revere, Engineer week 1.pptxDownload
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Afternoon sessions

PE - Get active with PE with Joe! This is the link to his Youtube channel where you will find his latest live streams. 

Topic - We are continuing with Mini Worlds by looking at life processes and using our scientific skills of sorting and classifying. These activities can be split up into a number of days. 

Read the presentation together (below) and complete the BBC bitesize activity. Next, either in your book (the back of the process book provided) or on the sheet, draw a living thing and describe it's 7 life processes.

I would then like you to choose 3 things from your home or outdoor space (this could be through drawing, picollage, painting or something else) and decide whether they are living, dead or never alive and give a reason for your decision. 

The last activity for topic this week is a quiz on Purple Mash - please hand the ToDo in so I can see how your child did in the quiz. 

PSHE - For the next couple lessons of PSHE, we are looking at how to stay safe. Read the story below about Super Cat. Make a poster in your book about staying safe on the road with what you learnt from Super Cat. 

Next, look at the scenarios on the sheet below and decide how safe you would feel. Talk to an adult at home to answer the questions together. 


 How safe would you feel_ - Activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation Living, Dead or Never Alive.pptDownload
 Life Processes Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Super Cat story.pptxDownload
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