Hello and welcome to Week 5 of Remote Learning.  

Friday Fun Zoom - This week we are having a fancy dress party! Your child is free to dress up if they would like to using anything they have at home. There is no pressure to dress up if they don't want to. We will then play some games together to end the week on a fun note. 


This week in maths we are starting a new topic on shape. You can find a knowledge organiser with everything we will be learning here

Monday: 2D and 3D shapes. After our live lesson, the task will be to go on a shape hunt around the house or garden. This can be done in different ways such as creating a tally chart of the different shapes you found or create a collage using an app like 'pic collage'. You can use the shape mat below to help with the hunting. 

Tuesday: Today we are reasoning with shapes and working out the odd one out. 

Wednesday: Counting edges and vertices. 

Thursday: Drawing 2D shapes. It would be helpful for this lesson if your child could have a couple of items to draw around and identify the 2D shapes eg. a can, a book, a box, a Toblerone.  

Friday: We are consolidating our learning from this week. I have set out various activities on Twinkl Go using the PIN: RG1765. You may wish to start this activity without attending the live lesson this day if it is easier than swapping activities on the screen. 

A live lesson will still be going on for those who wish to join and there is an alternate activity below if you prefer a worksheet.  


 Day 1- 2D and 3D word mat.pdfDownload
 Day 2 - describing 2D shapes.docxDownload
 Day 3 - counting verticies and edges.pdfDownload
 Day 4 - Draw 2D shapes.pptxDownload
 Day 5 - alternative activity.pdfDownload
 Day 5 second alternative activity.pdfDownload
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This week we are sharing our stories that we wrote last week and I have received a special parcel from Freddie! 

There are no additional resources this week and I have attached the task cards below. 

 Rosie Revere, Engineer week 4.pptxDownload
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Afternoon sessions

PE - Get active with PE with Joe! This is the link to his Youtube channel where you will find his latest live streams. 

If you want something different for PE this week, here is the link to the Cosmic Yoga Youtube channel or enjoy some fresh air with a walk or in the garden. 

You can also find new ideas on the school PE page here.

Topic - We are starting a new topic this week all about David Hockney!

To start our topic, watch the video below with some examples of David Hockney's paintings and read through the information on the Powerpoint. 

Find a painting that you like by David Hockney and explain why you like it. You could recreate it using colouring pencils, pens or paint. 

Choose an art project out of the pack below that you would like to do at home. You are welcome to do more if you want to and please share your artwork with me because I would love to see it. I also want to say a special thank you to Mrs Jones who thought of ways we can do this project at home!

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Music - Once again, Love Music Trust have created a music lesson. The video is below and you will need a drum and drumsticks or something that can be used as a drum eg. a pan and some wooden spoons.

PHSE - This week it is Children's mental health week and the theme is Express Yourself. 

Watch this short video about the book 'Beautiful Oops'

This week, how can you  express yourself and be creative at home like the book? Could you create a dance, draw your feelings, make some music, go on a walk or design a costume? The possibilities are endless! I have attached some possible activities below as well. 

Warrington Schools Sports Partnership have also put together a number of resources for Mental Health week which can be found on their website here. There are 2 activities a day so there is plenty to get involved with.

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