A big sunshine welcome to REMOTE LEARNING WEEK 6! One more week until half term! 

Friday Fun Zoom - The theme this week is crazy hair! I look forward to seeing the craziest hairstyles you can think of!

We will be celebrating the incredible artwork from our David Hockney topic and creating some artwork together. Please have some paper, pencil and something to colour with eg colouring pencils, pens or paint. 

Parents: If you would like to send any photos of your child's artwork, I will create a video to share like before. 


  This week for maths we will continue with shape. This week, I have also included some additional challenge sheets or activities if you wish to use them. 

Monday - Symmetry. You will find the worksheet below. Click on the images below to play a symmetry game on Top Marks. There are two different ones to play.   

Tuesday - Sorting 2D shapes. Worksheet below. There is an additional challenge on Spelling Shed (there is now a maths section to spelling shed which uses the same login as spelling shed. Assignments/homework can be found in the same place as before). This challenge is available over Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Wednesday - Sorting 2D shapes. The worksheet is found below. The Maths quiz is still available on this day. If you want to play the game from the live lesson on Twinkl Go the PIN is: ST0936

Thursday - Making patterns with 2D shapes. I have given a worksheet to create patterns using 2D shapes but feel free to draw or paint your own!

Friday - Making patterns. There is a choice of activities today. There is a quiz on spelling shed continuing our work on making patterns or there is a worksheet below. Again, if it is easier to go straight onto the maths quiz instead of swapping activities on screen then feel free to do that. There will still be a live lesson for those who wish to join. 

Click on the picture below to play the game from our online lesson.


 Day 1 - challenge.pdfDownload
 Day 1 - symmetry.pdfDownload
 Day 2 - sorting 2D shapes.pdfDownload
 Day 2-3 sorting shapes challenge.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - sorting shapes.pdfDownload
 Day 4 making patterns.pdfDownload
 Day 5 - making patterns.pdfDownload
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We are in the final week of Rosie Revere this week and we are building up to writing our own explanation for an invention. You will find the task cards below and the additional sheets for writing this week. 

 explanation success criteria.docxDownload
 Explantion plan.docxDownload
 Rosie Revere, Engineer week 5.pptxDownload
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Afternoon sessions

PE - Want something different for PE this week? GoNoodle is a free site with dance videos to join in with. You can find an example here.

You may want to join in with Joe Wicks or Cosmic Yoga or enjoy the fresh air by playing in the park or going on a bike ride.

You can also find new ideas on the school PE page.

Topic - I have loved seeing your artwork from last week! We have some very talented artists in our class. 

Choose a different art project to complete this week. I have added some new ideas below or you could do a different one from last week. Remember to pictures of your work so I can see the fantastic art you are doing! 

Your final task this week is on Purple Mash. Create a fact sheet about David Hockney or describe his artwork. 


 David Hockney Art projects.docxDownload
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Music - Love Music Trust have released another music lesson. The video is below and there is no additional equipment needed.  

PHSE - Finally. a huge well done for everyone who completed the challenges set last week for Children's Mental Health week.

It is 'Safer internet Day' on Tuesday 9th February and I have attached a powerpoint with discussion questions to help the characters from traditional tales. 

It is also Chinese New Year on Friday 12th February and I have attached an information powerpoint below. 

This week on PHSE we are thinking about looking after our environment. Environment is everything in the world around us indoors or outdoors, natural or man-made. 

Explore your environment (your home or your local area) and answer these questions: 

What do you like in your environment? 

What could you do to improve your environment? 

You could take photos to answer these questions, write down your answers or talk to an adult.

Next, create a challenge for yourself to improve or help your environment this week. For example, it could be to put food out for the birds or tidy up your toys in your room. 

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