Hello and welcome to our final week of remote learning. I am so excited to see you all back in class on the 8th March. 

Thursday 4th March is also World Book Day! Lessons will be at the same time but a slightly different time table. At 9:15 am please have a favourite book to show to the class. More information about the lessons and other activities are below. 

For our final Friday Fun Zoom we will continue with show and tell for the other half of the class (surnames K-Z). Again, this could be something you are proud of, something you have made or something related to our topic.


For maths this week we are finishing our work on shape. Below you will find the sheets for this week and additional challenges. 

Monday - Sorting shapes 

Tuesday - Sorting shapes 

Wednesday - Making patterns 

Thursday - World book day (no maths sheet this day)

Friday - Making patterns. I have set a maths quiz on Spelling Shed for this activity or there is a worksheet. If you wish to go straight onto the maths quiz, you are welcome to. There is a live lesson for those who wish to join.  


 Day 1 - 3D shapes sort.pdfDownload
 Day 1 - Sorting 3D shapes challenge.pdfDownload
 Day 2 - sorting 3D shapes.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - 3D patterns.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - patterns challenge.pdfDownload
 Day 5 - alternative activity.pdfDownload
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 We are continuing with our story 'The Night Gardener' this week. Below you will find the task cards and a video of the story. 

 The Night Gardener week 2.pptxDownload
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World book day - Thursday 4th March 

 At 9:15 am we will be starting our day sharing stories and our favourite books. 

At 10:00 am we will be creating silly stories.

At 10:30 am World Book Day present a live share a story event on their web page here

At 11 am I will be announcing your challenge: To create a toilet roll tube or potato character from a book. You could make the Gruffolo, Rosie Revere, Harry Potter or maybe you have your own ideas! We will share these in the phonics slot (10:30 am) tomorrow.  

You could also go on a book scavenger hunt with your books at home using the sheet below, design a new cover for a book or share a story with someone at home. 


 world book day challenge.pptxDownload
 world book day scavenger hunt.pdfDownload
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Afternoon sessions

PE - How did your challenges go last week? This week you could design your own challenge or create a target for yourself. For example: How many star jumps in a minute? How fast can you run around the garden? Can you beat your time?

You could also go for a walk, a bike ride or a scoot. 

Change for life have loads of PE games and activities to play based on different Disney films or take a look at previous weeks for different PE ideas.

Topic - I have loved seeing how many of the class have already got stuck in with this topic! 

To continue with work from last week on identifying plants, I have set 2 quizzes on Purple Mash.

This week we are investigating how a plant grows. If you are able to, plant a seed in a jar or a clear bag (such as a bean or a sunflower but anything will work) using wet kitchen towel or tissue. Check the video below and the bean diary for more information. Each day, check on your seed and describe how it has grown. I have created a bean diary to help you with this. 

Bring your jar or bag into school on the 8th March and we will continue this investigation together. 

Another challenge for you this week is to create an unusual plant pot out of materials you have at home. This could be using a toilet roll tube. plastic bottle, decorating a tin can - the possibilities are endless! If you have some seeds at home, you can then plant something in your new plant pot and watch it grow. If you don't have seeds at home, you could try growing some fruit or veg from your food scraps at home - check out this website for inspiration.

 We are observing how a seed grows.docxDownload
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Music - This week Love Music Trust are introducing us to an orchestra. All the additional links mentioned  can be found in the description box below the video. I have also attached the worksheet as well. 

 22nd Feb KS1 Worksheet string family .pdfDownload
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RE - What do you know about Easter? This half term in RE we are learning about the Christian meaning of Easter. 

You task this week is to create a poster/picture/sentences explaining you already know about Easter. If you're stuck think about these questions:

  • When is Easter?
  • What do you or your family do on Easter?
  • Do you get any presents at Easter?
  • What do Christians do for Easter?
  • What do Christians believe about Jesus?