Remote Learning - Week 2


I hope that week 1 went well. This week we are focusing on measuring. Your child should have brought a ruler home if they were in on the last day of term. If not there is a virtual ruler in the following pack`

 Year 2 - STARTER - Ruler.pptxDownload
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If you open the power point  entitled LESSON PLAN it will give you all this weeks lessons Monday - Friday as follows;

Monday - Measure length (cm)

Tuesday - Measure length (m)

Wednesday - Compare lengths

Thursday - Order lengths

Friday - Four operations with lengths

I have included worksheets, activities and games for each day. Do as much or as little as suits you. 

 Year 2 - ACTIVITY - Comparing lengths.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - ACTIVITY - Measuring lengths (cm).pdfDownload
 Year 2 - ACTIVITY - Measuring lengths (m).pdfDownload
 Year 2 - ACTIVITY - Order lengths.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - GAME - Operations - Length.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - PRACTICAL - Measure and order.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - WORKSHEETS - Compare lengths.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - WORKSHEETS - Measure lengths (cm).pdfDownload
 Year 2 - WORKSHEETS - Operations.pdfDownload
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This week we are looking at the story of the gingerbread man.

Monday - Read the story of The Gingerbread man using the powerpoint below and retell the story.( Choose activities doc)

Tuesday - Re-tell the story of The Gingerbread man and this time draw pictures for the beginning,middle and end and complete a caption for each part of the story (story plan doc)

Wednesday - Re- tell the story and complete your own story board - changing the characters and setting if your child feels confident. (Story board doc)

Thursday - Re-tell the story and make up an entirely new character (new character doc)

Friday - Re-tell the story and make a new ending to the story. (Ending doc)


I have also included a powerpoint/recipe to make your own gingerbread men if you would like.

 Gingerbread Man Story Book.pptxDownload
 Story board.pptDownload
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We are continuing with our mini world topic and this week World Habitats. I attach a folder which has different activities, research and a fact sheet to complete with chosen habitat. Again do as much or as little as suits you.Have fun and stay safe!

 #Lesson Presentation World Habitats.pptDownload
 Researching Habitats Activity Sheet Editable.docDownload
 World Habitats Fact Sheets.pdfDownload
 World Habitats Word Search.pdfDownload
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