Year 2 Remote Learning

Week 12

Hello and a warm welcome to you all.

The Year 2 remote learning page will now be led by Mrs Cheetham. If you would like any help or support this week then please send me a message at; 


This week we will continue to look at the Talk For Writing unit of work 'Superheroes'

Here are this weeks challenges.... 


Monday: Follow the instructions on pages 12 and 13 and find out how to make 'Superhero Cuffs'. 

Tuesday: Continue the 'Funny list' poem on page 14 and write several more verses of your own using the same opening phrases. 

Wednesday: Complete the 'Getting Active' challenge on page 15. Can you do 20 minutes of moving your body or sport? Note down what you did and explain your preferences. 

Thursday: 'Superhero Pet' challenge page 16... Can you come up with a Superhero pet like Sammy Exceptional. 

Friday: 'Invention Time'... Can you create a Superpower rescue challenge of your own? page 17

**I would love to see some super Year 2 challenges and inventions!! Please send me a picture of your work or photograph of what you have achieved!


We will continue to use the White Rose scheme.  You know how it the video clips at the start of each lesson and then complete the activity sheet.

** I have also attached some measuring word problems, these are differentiated into three levels. Please choose the one that you feel will be most appropriate for your child. 

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Spelling and grammar

I have attached three activity mats to help the children practise their spelling and grammar skills. Each document is differentiated and has three levels, so please have a look and choose the one you feel would be most appropriate for your child. 

 Mat 1 SPAG.pdfDownload
 Mat 2 SPAG.pdfDownload
 Mat 3 SPAG.pdfDownload
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This week we will continue to look at the artwork of the artist Henri Rousseau. This painting is a self-portrait of the artist that he created in 1903. 

Watch '10 Amazing Facts about Henri Rousseau' and learn a little bit more about the artist. 


Below I have attached some additional lesson plans and activities. Please have a little look and decide which ones you would like to complete. 

 Henri Rousseau Plan4.pdfDownload
 Henri Rousseau Plan5.pdfDownload
 Henri Rousseau Slide4.pdfDownload
 Henri Rousseau Slide5.pdfDownload
 Henri Rousseau Work4.pdfDownload
 Henri Rousseau Work5.pdfDownload
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