Year 2 Remote Learning

Week 14

Hello and welcome to another week of remote learning.

Thank you to those children who sent me photographs of their super work last week. If you would like any help or support this week then please send me a message at; 


This week we will continue to look at the story

'The Secret of Black Rock' by Joe Todd Stanton.

This week you are going to write your own story, loosely based on 'The Secret of Black Rock'. I would like you to change your main character, you may also choose to change the setting and problem. This is your chance to be as creative as you can be. In the story there will need to be a problem and a resolution!!


Monday: Create a new main character for your story. They may be male or female, young or old,they may even be an animal if you wish! Complete the 'Creating a main character' activity sheet.  


Tuesday: Complete the story mountain planning sheet. Today you need to think about the problem and what your resolution will be. Your new main character will need to set off on an adventure. Make notes on your sheet. 


** Over the next few days you are going to write a new adventure story based loosely on 'The Secret of Black Rock'. I have included some nice paper with borders in the files below. It would be lovely if you also draw some illustrations to display with your writing.**

Wednesday:Today you will write the beginning of your story. As a rough guide this should be at least two paragraph long. Begin by describing the setting and introducing the main character. Remember to use adjectives when describing your new main character and the setting. Your challenge today is to include a simile in your writing.


Thursday: Today you will write the middle of your story, again this should be at least two paragraphs long. You need to build up to your problem. Your challenge today is to see if you can include some speech in your writing e.g. your character asking another character for help. 


Friday: Write the ending to your story. Your main character will need to solve the problem and come to a resolution. Your challenge today is to read back through your whole story to ensure that it makes sense and that each sentence starts with a capital letter and finishes with a full stop or punctuation mark. Don't forget to include illustrations. 


** Year 2 I would love to read your stories, so please send them to me. I may even read them to Max and Leo at bedtime!!**

 Blank paper.pdfDownload
 Create a new main character.docxDownload
 Lined paper.pdfDownload
 story mountian planning sheet.docDownload
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We will continue to use the White Rose scheme.  You know how it the video clips at the start of each lesson and then complete the activity sheet.

Please click on the owl link below and look at the video clips for the week beginning 13th July. 


Here is a link to a Teaching clock that may be helpful to help your child practise telling the time.

This is a nice interactive game to help your child practise telling the time, you can differentiate the game by selecting different options e.g. read time to the hour/ read time to the nearest 5 minutes.


 Lesson 1 - Telling time to 5 minutes.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Hours and days.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Find durations of time.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Compare durations of time.pdfDownload
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I have also included problem solving activities based on time and money.

Please encourage your child to explain their answers and show their working out .

 Problems at the fairground.pubDownload
 Time problems 1.pubDownload
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Spelling and grammar

I have attached a really useful document below which has some excellent grammar activities.It is 10 pages in total, so you could choose a couple of pages to do each day. 

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This week we will continue with our topic 'Town/ Beach'.

This weeks activities....

Activity 1: Look at the Let's Explore a Seaside Town PowerPoint in the files below and then complete the activity 'Natural or Man- Made' sorting challenge. This is a revision activity as this is a key Geography skill for Year 2. 


Activity 2: Look at the PowerPoint again including the video (you only need to click the link once and the video will load up in You tube). Complete the activity 'St Ives Word Web'. 


Activity 3: Complete the activity 'A Trip Around St Ives'. 

 A Trip Around St. Ives Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Let's Explore a Seaside Town.pptxDownload
 St Ives Word Web Black and White.pdfDownload
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Extension Activity

Using what you have learnt about Seaside towns. Draw a map of your favourite Seaside town (a place that you have visited) or design your own imaginary seaside town. You will need to include human and physical features e.g. beach, cliff, coast, harbour, fairground, shops. Please draw a key and label your map.