Our first 3 week topic will be...

How does your garden grow?


We will begin our topic with an inspirational starter day where we will be introduced to our class book, 'The Magic Faraway Tree.'  We will then work together to create our own magical, miniature gardens.



 As scientists we will:

   - know plant features – e.g. root, stem and what job they do

    - know how water is transported in plants

  - know what a plant needs to grow and stay healthy

  - be able to compare the effects of different conditions on plant growth

  - be able to explain pollination

  - be able to name parts of a flower and their functions

  - know how seeds are dispersed in different ways

As computer scientists we will:

  • understand some elements of survey design
  • understand some ethical and legal aspects of online data collection
  • use the web to facilitate data collection
  •  gain skills in using charts to analyse data
  •  gain skills in interpreting results