Homework 15th October

Homework can be given in on Wednesday 20th October. 


This week in class we have been working on the following in our English lessons:

 Improving our narrative writing by including more detail such as powerful words, synonyms and ambitious adjectives.  

For Example: The girl was feeling sad in the forest. 

The girl, entered the forest cautiously and began to feel scared/frightened/unnerved. 

Look through the powerpoint above and complete any 8 sentences from the word document. Record them in your book. then extend to using the connectives in your sentences.  


For maths I would like the children to start really practicing their times tables. 

Please continue with this. 

Focusing on 2/3/5/10 times tables. A good way to work on them is simply learning to recall by rote but reinforcing this through games and rapid recall. A good website is the following one:

Cocunut multiples is also a good one to work on. 

Times tables

Parent advice for times tables

 Also in maths, the children have been working on their knowledge of adding/subtracting 1/10/100 from 2/3 digit numbers. Useful awareness to help with this is how numbers are arranged on a number square. 

Below are some 100 square activities I would like the children to complete. If you are unable to print off the documents, your child can record what they can in their books. As an extension, there are some addition and subtraction tasks too addsub100mm. There are many tasks here but I am happy if you child would like to complete set A & B. 

 100 square pieces.docxDownload
 HA number square pieces.docxDownload
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