Homework 10th September.

To complement our class learning this week,the children will need to complete the following tasks. Should there be an issue with technology,please try to do something similar to what has been set, even if it needs to be in written form. 

 Spellings: We have worked on the ei/ey/eigh spellings patterns, which give the "ey" sounds. Play the game on the link below. The children can work through 10 spellings, but of they wish to continue, that will be great. Encourage your child to write down the pattern if it helps them when choosing the correct word. 

ei/eigh/ey spelling patterns 

Click on the link above, choose the against the clock option with single player.


Science: Our science topic has kicked off with discovering plants and investigating parts of the plants. We have then started to look and explore the functions of different parts of the plants. We will be moving onto the life cycle of plants, but the activity will be useful to help in class next week.  To reinforce this please follow the link and ask your child to complete the quiz etc. A great idea would be to explore your gardens or surroundings to investigate plants. Any evidence, e.g photos would be great to bring in or email!



Maths: We have worked on whole/part model calculations after revising place value position. I have enclosed a document below for the children to work through. To help here is a link to an explanation video:

Whole part model explanation