Wrenshot Lane
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High Legh Primary School

Homework 3rd December


Following on from last week's work on animation, the children have requested another task on animation making. Therefore I would like them to follow this brief, though admittedly the children are teaching me far more than I could ever know!

  • to look at the things that they need to keep consistent throughout their animations.
  • Use the word ‘consistent'. Understand that ‘consistent’ means keeping things the same.

  •  Discuss what they will keep the same (consistent) in their animation. Learners should understand that characters and backgrounds need to be kept the same, but should also discuss using the same app and keeping the iPad and background in exactly the same place.

  • Investigate the process of onion skinning and apply this technique. The children find this most difficult to apply as they want to make larger jumps between movements. Encourage short gaps between stills. 
  • Allow time to set up tablets and backgrounds and create their animations. Try to include flying objects if possible in their animations.

  • Finally try to add sound and change some background effects. 
  • ENJOY!!


Our topic this week has been learning about stop frame animation. I would like the children to investigate various types of stop frame animation and create their own if possible.We have explored the basics of how animation is created , using flip books, zoetropes and storyboards. 

There are many available free apps such as

Animate it app  and I can Animate.

Learning through technology is often about experimenting. If your child is unable to complete this task, they can record their ideas on a storyboard strip. 


Ideas and work will be discussed on Tuesday afternoon. :