Remote Learning Week 1:

(Week Commencing: 23/03/2020)

Each week there will be 5 pieces of Maths and English and 3 pieces of Topic (currently History) for your child to work through at home. I shall also add some reading comprehension work and please continue on Spelling Shed and Times Table Rockstars. 

If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to email me at 


White Rose Maths have set up online work to do each week. Their current work is on Fractions which is what Class 3 have started. It may be a slight recap on some things they did last week but also starts moving onto some new areas of fraction work. It includes an online video, an activity and relevant answers. Please work through these lessons this week. 


In English, Class 3 are looking at diaries and their focus book is called Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. The link below is to a YouTube video of the book being read showing pictures and some text. 

Image result for getting into character diaries ks2


Monday - Please watch the video a few times. Listen to the story and discuss it. Pick out some interesting vocabulary for example 'looming'. Can they look up any words they are unsure of in a dictionary/online and write out the definitions.

Tuesday - Please write some setting descriptions to help you when you are later describing it in the diary. Think about what you would be able to see, hear, smell at this point? Do setting descriptions for:
1. Roman city of Pompeii at the beginning.  (For example, see: lush, green Vesuvius, shimmering sunlight, people scattered etc. hear:  children chattering...) 
2. At the theatre when something starts happening...
3. On the boat riding away when the volcano erupts.
Try to include powerful adjectives and similes. Remember, words and phrases at this point will be enough. Think about how we have done it in class! How many can you do?

Wednesday - Today, think about your characters Tranio and Livia. We will be writing the diary in first person which means you need to get into the mindset of one of these characters, writing as if you were experiencing the story yourself. Think about who you are, your background, your family and day-to-day life. What do you wear? What do you do each day? Do you help your family with work? Use the character profile sheet below to jot down some ideas with help from the vocabulary sheet to think about adjectives to describe your character.

 Character Profile.PNGDownload
 Character vocabulary.PNGDownload
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Thursday - Today, we are moving away from our focus text and looking at some examples of diary extracts. Please read over the two examples below, belonging to an explorer. Can you tick off the features from the checklist to see if they contain all the features of a diary? If you want to challenge yourself, try writing the next extract of the explorer's diary. 

 Diary Example Entry 1.PNGDownload
 Diary Example Entry 2.PNGDownload
 Features Checklist.PNGDownload
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Friday - Today, we are going to have a go writing a diary. Think back to a memorable day such as your last birthday, Christmas Day, a day on holiday or any day where you remember doing something fun or feeling excited! Following the format of a diary, I want you to write a diary entry as though that day just happened. Think about the examples you have looked at and make sure to tick off the features on the list above. You might want to jot some ideas down first!
So remember the following:
- diary style (date, 'Dear Diary,' etc.)
- self reflection (your thoughts and feelings)
- past tense (the day has already happened!)
- chronological order (start with the morning and follow through to the evening)
- first person (I/we)
- detailed descriptions (make the reader feel as though they were there - use lots of adjectives and maybe try to include some similes!)
Good luck! 

Reading Comprehension

Please download the reading comprehensions and spend a few days on each one. Read it through each time and think about the questions before answering them. Answers are included. 


 Roman Coins Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
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 The Romans Comprehension.pdfDownload
 The Romans Qs.pdfDownload
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 1. Research the Roman impact on Britain. How did they change Britain? What inventions did they come up with? Can we still see any of their impact here today? Find as many things as you can and write as a spider diagram. There are lots of useful websites (add KS2 to your searches to help find relevant websites - there are also good videos on BBC Bitesize).

2. Using the research you have gathered on the Roman impact on Britain, please write a piece on what information you have found. Title: What impact did the Romans have on Britain and what changes can we still see today? Remember to use paragraphs for each point and try to add detail to each point. End the piece by discussing which impact of the Romans you think is most interesting and why? Justify your opinion.

I look forward to reading them!

3. Research how the Romans invaded and conquered Britain by watching the videos and reading the information on the link below: 

Use this research to answer these questions:

1. Who was the leader of the Roman army that landed in Britain in 54 BC?
2. Who ordered the invasion of Britain in AD 43?
3, Who succeeded in invading Britain and how many attempts were there overall?
4. Why did the Romans want to invade Britain?
5. Who was Boudicca and what was her involvement in the Roman invasion? 

4. For those who would like, I have uploaded a Roman mosaic colouring activity as a mindful exercise. I have also uploaded a more practical mosaic making activity using different materials. Feel free to spend time on either. Would be lovely to see some pictures of different mosaic designs! 

 Roman Mosaic Colouring Sheets.pdfDownload
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