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Class 3

Hello Class 3! 

I am sad we can't be in class as normal, but I am looking forward to still being able to see you all each day on Zoom.

Everyday, we will be doing Maths and English as normal. We will also be doing reading, spelling and continuing with our Ancient Egypt topic too (yay). You can find a rough timetable for the rest of this week below (it may change as we go along). 

Please make sure you join on time to our lessons and be ready to listen and work hard, just as you would do normally in the classroom. 

Each day, you will find any sheets you need on this page. Just look under the subheading of the subject and find the right day. You can print the sheets off and stick them in, or just copy your work straight into your book if you can't print. If there is no information, resources under a subject heading it's because you do not need any today. I will also put in any extra activities or videos for you on here so make sure to take a look each week.

I'll be seeing you lots everyday so you can ask me any questions then! 

See you soon,
Miss Saddler 

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Thursday: LBQ/Century session
Friday: Comparing Statements (please find the sheet below)
If for any reason you miss today's online maths session, or you would like some more support/to recap the lesson, please find the video for today's lesson below: 
There is also an extra sheet below today's work if you need.

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 Vertical Format - Comparing Statements.pdfDownload
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Friday: Vocabulary


Topic - History - Ancient Egypt
Click the link below to watch some interesting videos on Ancient Egypt: 

Extra challenges:
Why not try making your own Egyptian board game and playing it with your family.

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In our whole class reading sessions we will be looking at an e-book on Purple Mash called 'Beth on the Nile'.
Friday: We will be reading this together on my screen but if you would like to print a copy of chapter 1 you can find it below. 


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Thursday: Purple Mash - Write an Email 
I will be explaining this on zoom first but if you need any extra support, please see the instructions below. 

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