Remote Learning Information
Class 3
Week 2

Hello Class 3! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

I am looking forward to our first full week of remote learning, after a super start last week. It was so lovely to see you all and I was impressed with how quickly you all got the hang of using the technology.

This week, we will be doing Maths and English as normal. We will also be doing reading, spelling, French and continuing with our Ancient Egypt topic too (yay). You can find a rough timetable for the rest of this week below (it may change as we go along). 

Please make sure you join on time to our lessons and be ready to listen and work hard, just as you would do normally in the classroom. 

Each day, you will find any sheets you need on this page. Just look under the subheading of the subject and find the right day. You can print the sheets off and stick them in, or just copy your work straight into your book if you can't print. If there is no information, resources under a subject heading it's because you do not need any today. I will also put in any extra activities or videos for you on here so make sure to take a look each week.

Have a super week! 

Miss Saddler 

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We will be continuing to work through our maths objectives. Worksheets can be found below, these can either be printed and stuck in your book or downloaded to complete the questions straight into maths books. I will also put an image of the sheet for the appropriate day below. 
If you miss a lesson, or want further support, you can find the videos for each lesson below. 
Monday: Related Calculations 
Tuesday: Multiply 2-digit by 1-digit 

Wednesday: Multiply 2-digit by 1-digit (2) 

Thursday: LBQ
Friday: Divide 2 digit by 1-digit 


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Extra maths work:
If you feel you need some extra time on mental multiplication and the short written multiplication method there are extra resources here for you to spend more time on. 

 Horizontal Format - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (1).pdfDownload
 Multiplication Grid Method.pdfDownload
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Please find any resources for the lesson below. Mostly, I will share my screen in English to discuss these together but you can find them here if needed.

 English Vocab Work 14.1.21.pdfDownload
 English Work 12.1.pdfDownload
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 Sentence Work 15.1.21.pdfDownload
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 Adding the suffix -ly activity .pngDownload
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 Spelling Shed Curriculum Stage 3 Lesson 16 - Adding the suffix ly. Adding the ly suffix to an adjective turns it into an adverb - Lesson 16.pdfDownload
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Lessons this week:
Please find resources to support your online zoom session or in case you miss a lesson.

The Importance of the River Nile

 The Importance of the River Nile Activity Sheet Eco Black and White.pdfDownload
 The Importance of the River Nile Activity Sheet Super Eco Color.pdfDownload
 The Importance of the River Nile.pptxDownload
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How were the pyramids built and what was their purpose?

We will watch the videos linked below (1-5) on BBC bitesize to discuss the above question. 

Extension Question: What was like like for a slave in ancient Egypt?


EXTRA CHALLENGE: Read the PowerPoint and information sheet below all about the Egyptian pyramids. Can you write a further paragraph about this or make a poster of information?

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Please find the answers to the following questions about Tutankhamun using the video and information sheet below. I have also put some links to some useful websites. Please be sensible when using the internet and get an adult's permission. 

You can answer the questions directly into your book using the title: Who was Tutankhamun?
1. Who was Tutankhamun?

2. What was his nickname?

3. How old was he when he became king?

4. How old was he when he died?

5. When was his tomb discovered?

6. Who discovered his tomb? Can you give some more information about this famous, historic discovery.

7. Where was Tutankhamun buried? 

Extra challenge question: Do you think it was right that archaeologists excavated the tomb of Tutankhamun?

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I will give you the username and password to login. We will learn together, but you can find the activity sheet and extra games online using the above link. I have also put the activity sheet below. 

 French acitivity sheet.pdfDownload
 French answers.pdfDownload
 French vocabulary.pdfDownload
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In our whole class reading sessions we will be looking at an e-book on Purple Mash called 'Beth on the Nile'.
Wednesday - Open Ended Questions
Friday - SPAG and Chapter Sequencing


 BethOnTheNile_Resources_Ch1_Chapter Sequencing.pdfDownload
 BethOnTheNile_Resources_Ch1_Open Ended.pdfDownload
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Afternoon Extra Challenges
1. Computing
Purple Mash - Typing Skills 
- Log in to Purple Mash using your username and password
-  Search '2Type'
- Try the first steps task: 'Home, Top and Bottom Row Keys' and work through the different activities. 
2. Topic - History

See 'extra topic work' in the Topic section further up ^^^
Research facts about the River Nile!
3. Reading Extra Challenges
Purple Mash: 
Chapter 1: The Afterlife
Chapter 4: My Secret Code - write a secret message in hieroglyphics