Remote Learning Information
Class 3
Week 4

Hello Class 3! 

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and had a well deserved rest. 

This week, we are starting our new topic Mirror Mirror.
We will be doing Maths and English as normal, along with spelling, reading and French. 

Please make sure you join on time to our lessons and be ready to listen and work hard, just as you would do normally in the classroom. 

Each day, you will find any sheets you need on this page. Just look under the subheading of the subject and find the right day. You can print the sheets off and stick them in, or just copy your work straight into your book if you can't print. If there is no information, resources under a subject heading it's because you do not need any today. I will also put in any extra activities or videos for you on here so make sure to take a look each week.

Have a super week. Looking forward to seeing you all and to having another fun week of remote learning.

Miss Saddler 

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Please continue to go on Spelling Shed every week to practice this week's words: 

This week we are looking at:
Adding the suffix ‘-ally’ which is used instead of ‘-ly’ when the root word ends in ‘–ic’


 Y3 SPaG mat - inverted commas.pdfDownload
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We will be continuing to work through our maths objectives. Worksheets can be found below, these can either be printed and stuck in your book or downloaded to complete the questions straight into maths books. I will also put an image of the sheet for the appropriate day below. 
If you miss a lesson, or want further support, you can find the videos for each lesson below. 

Monday: Scaling 
Tuesday: How many ways 

Wednesday: LBQ

Thursday: Count money (pence)
Friday: Count money (pounds) 

 Today's lesson sheet:

This week's sheets for printing/downloading:

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Extra maths work:

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Please find any resources for the lesson below. Mostly, I will share my screen in English to discuss these together but you can find them here if needed.

Please do not start writing on resources until used in the lesson.

Lesson Work Monday 25th January:

 English Plan Work 25.1.pdfDownload
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Lesson Work Tuesday 26th January:

 English Plan 2 26.1.pdfDownload
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Lesson Work Wednesday 27th January:

Please write the paragraph below correctly using inverted commas for speech. 

Lesson Work Thursday 28th January:

Lesson Work Friday 29th January:

NEW TOPIC: Mirror Mirror 
If there are no resources available for the lesson, they are not needed. Please keep checking back, as things maybe added. 

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I will give you the username and password to login. We will learn together, but you can find the activity sheet and extra games online using the above link. I have also put the activity sheet below. 

 Je Peux Crossword With Wordbank.pdfDownload
 Worksheet (3) Word Puzzle.pdfDownload
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For this topic, our whole class reading text will be a book called Dark by Lemony Snicket. 

 The Dark FINAL opening extract.pdfDownload
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Afternoon Extra Challenges
Monday: Create your own shadow puppets! 
Find the necessary resources you need below, but feel free to improvise. What does it teach you about how shadows are formed?

Tuesday: Log on to Century and complete one SPAG nugget from your pathway. If you are having any issues or need some help finding this, please log onto zoom to speak with me. 
Wednesday: Please choose from the selection of topic activities below.
Log on to Century and complete one maths nugget from your pathway. If you are having any issues or need some help finding this, please log onto zoom to speak with me. 
Friday: Art Activity with Miss Saddler 
Have a go sketching the light, doing it step-by-step and pausing it as you go. Could you draw it into your science book to label? Take your time, try to make it as detailed as you can. 

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