Remote Learning Information
Class 3
Spring Term 2 - Week 1

Hello Class 3! 

Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing half-term break, and managed to get outside lots too.

I am excited to start our new Geography topic this week.

As usual, you will find all the resources you need for the week below.

Looking forward to a busy, fun week of remote learning.

Miss Saddler  


Please continue to go on Spelling Shed every week to practice this week's words: 

This week we are looking at: 

 Words with endings that sound like /ze/, as in measure, are always
spelled with ‘-sure’

Topic: Statistics
We will be continuing to work through our maths objectives. Worksheets can be found below, these can either be printed and stuck in your book or downloaded to complete the questions straight into maths books. I will also put an image of the sheet for the appropriate day below. 
If you miss a lesson, or want further support, you can find the videos for each lesson below. 

Tuesday: Bar Charts 

Wednesday: Tables 

Thursday: LBQ Session
Friday: Measure Length 

 Today's lesson:

This week's sheets for printing/downloading:

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Extra maths work can be found on Ed Shed under assignments. Please remember to keep going on TT Rockstars, Hit the Button and Maths Shed to practise your times tables. 


If there are no resources available for the lesson, they are not needed. Please keep checking back, as things may be added. 

Our focus text:

Friday 26th February

Using the image of Jemmy Button gazing into the night sky and listening to the ocean, we are writing a simile poem for 'Sea' and 'Night'. Try to come up with 3 similes for each one, and remember to try and include a conjunction to give some more information.  

Class work is below:

 English work 26:2.pdfDownload
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We will be kicking off our new Volcano topic today, exploring volcanoes all over the world and looking at some recent volcanic eruptions. 

There will be an opportunity for you to do your own volcanic eruption yourself at home too.

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I will give you the username and password to login. We will learn together, but you can find the activity sheet and extra games online using the above link. I have also put the activity sheets below: 

 Les Animaux - Pupil Vocabulary List Summary Sheet.pdfDownload
 Les Animaux Lesson 1 - Worksheet - Gap Fill (Less Able).pdfDownload
 Les Animaux Lesson 1 - Worksheet - Gap Fill (Most Children).pdfDownload
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We will be starting a new WCR text this week, linking into our Volcano topic. We will be reading chapter 1 of The Sleeping Volcano. If you would like to print a copy of chapter 1 you can find it below, but I will have it on the screen too. 

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Wednesday 24th February

Chapter Sequencing

Please write these events out in the write order, in the back of your process books. 

Afternoon Extra Challenges:
If you have finished all your work for the day or want some extra activities please see below for ideas.

- complete any Spelling Shed assignments or play spelling games
- complete any Maths Shed assignments or play times tables games
- complete century nuggets in your path (any that don't say 'diagnostic')
- go on Times Table Rockstars or Hit the Button
- look at the 2do list on Purple Mash
- complete any of the activities below:

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Friday's P.E Challenge

Get outside and get active. Try and complete each activity for your FULL name (first and last). Then, you could try to come up with your own. We could do it as our warm up when we are back in school :)