Remote Learning Week 2 

(w/c 30th March 2020)

Hello Class 3! Hope you have had a lovely weekend together at home. Try to do what you can of the work this week and remember to get in touch with any questions or to send me any updates/pictures at :)



This week we will continue with the White Rose online lessons which are covering more fractions. Please work through the lessons under 'Week 2' on the link below: 

Extra activity:
As we continue with our Roman topic this week, it is a good time to have a look at Roman Numerals. Where have you seen Roman Numerals before? Where do we still see them today?

Using the image below, can you make a poster for the numbers 1-12 and their matching Roman Numeral?  Can you see a pattern in the numerals? 

Can you find out anything about Roman Numerals?

Mathletics: Mathletics have extended our trial so over the next couple of weeks you should be able to access your account using your original login. Anyone who needs reminding of their login information - please email me. 


 Roman Numerals Clock.PNGDownload
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Features of diary writing poster | Teaching Resources

Monday - Today we are revisiting our focus text 'Escape from Pompeii' and I would like you to plan a diary extract as one of the characters after experiencing what happens in the story. Re-watch the video telling the story and think back to your work from last week to help get into character.  Use the diary planning template below to help you gather your ideas! 

 Diary Planning Template.PNGDownload
 Features Checklist.PNGDownload
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Tuesday - Today, I would like you to have a go at writing your diary entry. Remember to tick off your features checklist. Remember to work in chronological order starting with setting the scene on a normal morning, to the earthquakes coming and eventually the volcano erupting and escaping... follow a structure like below:
- Date and 'Dear Diary'
- Paragraph 1 - Usual morning in Pompeii - include setting description and personal feelings
- Paragraph 2 - How you spent the day - with your dad at the theatre or helping your mum in the bakery - remember setting description - earthquakes start - how do you feel now - how does the setting change
- Paragraph 3 - Volcano erupts - how does the setting change now - what can you see/hear - how do you feel - where do you go?
- Paragraph 4 - Escape on the boat - setting description again looking back at Pompeii and on the boat - how do you feel at the end? Remember to end it as a diary! 
Just have a go! Good luck. I look forward to reading them! 

Wednesday - Today, just focus on finishing your diary. Think about how you can edit your work to improve it like we do in class. To-do list:
1. Check over your spellings 
2. Can you improve any words? Even if you haven't got a thesaurus you can use your imagination and use an online thesaurus (just type into google).
3. Read it through. Take your time. Does it make sense? 
4. Read through again and this time focus only on punctuation. Capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks etc. 
5. Remember it is a draft so change it, tweak it and add to it!

Thursday/Friday - Today, perhaps you could think about writing your diary from the other perspective. Think about how the feelings/emotions might differ for Tranio and Livia. Follow a very similar format to the last one but think about how it changes for the different character. You might want to spend a couple of days planning and writing. 

Reading Comprehension 
This week, I have uploaded chapter 1 of a book called Time Freeze from the website we use at school called Purple Mash. Below you will find the first chapter as a PDF, along with comprehension questions (multiple choice), open-ended questions, chapter sequencing and SPAG questions for the children to complete. We have used this website in school so the children should recognise the format. You are welcome to logon to Purple Mash and read as an e-book if the children can remember their login or feel free to email me for it.

Work through the activities at your own pace perhaps doing one a day. I would start with the multiple choice questions. 

 Time Freeze - Chapter 1 - Chapter Sequencing.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 1 - Multiple Choice Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 1 - Open Ended Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 1 - SPAG.pdfDownload
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1. Research activity - Please research Hadrian's Wall. Try to answer the following questions:
-What is Hadrian's Wall?
- Why was it built?
- Who built it?
- Where was it built?
- Can you still see it today?

Try to find any extra interesting facts! 
Watch this helpful video for some information and see what extra information you can find yourselves! 
Record your information however you like - perhaps another spider diagram! 

2. Please write a written piece about your research gathered on Hadrian's Wall. Please write in paragraphs (you could use the questions above to split your writing up) and add as much detail as you can. Please use the title 'What is the significance of Hadrian's Wall?' - you could even include a little map drawing to show where it is! 

3. Research Julius Caesar and write a biography about him. Break it down and spend time on it over the week. Gather information about him and jot it down (there is a lot of information online - remember to add KS2 to your searches) - then write it up as a biography. Remember the features of a biography from our Banksy piece and what you would want to know when reading about him. Use the document below to help!


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4. As we reach the end of three weeks of learning about the Romans, you could finish off any of the bits you have worked on and continue researching/learning about any things you have been interested in over the next couple of weeks. 

Why not create a Roman quiz to test yourself/a friend/your family on the Roman topic? I would love to see any you come up with! 

Enjoy the next couple of weeks - keep creative and continue enjoying the time together with your family! Keep in touch, Miss Saddler x