Remote Learning Week 3
(w/c 20/04/2020) 
Hope you've all managed to enjoy some time together as a family in the lovely sunshine we have been fortunate to have and maybe even squeeze in a few Easter eggs over the Easter weekend!
I will be back uploading work for you to complete but please remember there is no pressure to do it! Also from Monday, BBC Bitesize are doing daily lessons which will be worth looking at, they cover a variety of subjects and some of the lessons will recap things we have done in class so will be a good revision - you can find them on their website:
If you are interested, Creative Steps (a dance company) are doing some remote learning lessons too which could be a nice change at home - see the link: 
As always, please feel free to get in touch over email ( - it's really love to hear how you're all getting on or see pictures of what you've been up to!
Take care,
Miss Saddler x

As we were doing previously, we will continue with the White Rose online lessons which is still looking at fractions. I have copied the link to their website below which should take you to the Year 3 page - please work through Summer Term - Week 1 - w/c 20th April. 

Please also remember to use Times Table Rockstars to practice your times tables - make sure to be revising the 4s, 8s and 3s. Also remember Top Marks is a useful website too! 

Whilst at home, it is also a good time to go over the Year 3 Key Instant Recall Facts for the Summer Term. Please find below images of Summer Term 1 and previous terms included too. 

 Autumn 1.PNGDownload
 Autumn 2.PNGDownload
 Spring 1.PNGDownload
 Spring 2.PNGDownload
 Summer 1.PNGDownload
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This week I would like you to write a newspaper article on a piece of HAPPY NEWS either that you have heard yourself such as the WWII war veteran who has raised over £23 million for the NHS, walking round his garden just before his 100th birthday or you could take an idea from the CBBC Newsround Happy News show from last week with stories about kittens visiting an aquarium or a zoo in Chile giving animals Easter treats! See link to their website below: 

We have written some wonderful newspaper reports in class, just remember to include the following features:
- 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, why)
- short and snappy headline (maybe with some alliteration)
- third person
- past tense
- quotes
- pictures
Lessons for the week could follow this structure:
1. With help on the internet from an adult, do some research to find your positive news story (CBBC Newsround is a good place to look)
2. Write a plan for the 5 Ws
3. Come up with your headline - maybe think of a few and then choose your favourite!
4. Decide who you might want to speak to for a quote and think what they might say - remember your speech marks!
5.  Start writing your newspaper article!! 

Please find attachments below to assist them with their journalism work! I look forward to reading some HAPPY news articles :) 

 Newspaper Plan Templates - varied.pdfDownload
 Newspaper Report - template.pdfDownload
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Reading Comprehension 

This week, I have uploaded chapter 2 of the book Time Freeze from the website Purple Mash, which we started before Easter. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the story. Below you will find the second chapter as a PDF, along with comprehension questions (multiple choice), open-ended questions, chapter sequencing and SPAG questions to complete. Remember, you are welcome to logon to Purple Mash and read as an e-book instead. Email me if you need the login details!

Again, work through the activities at your own pace perhaps doing one a day. I would start by simply reading through and discussing it followed by the multiple choice questions the next day. Remember to keep referring back to the text to help you. 

 Time Freeze - Chapter 2 - Chapter Sequencing.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 2 - Multiple Choice Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 2 - Open Ended Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 2 - SPAG.pdfDownload
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I will be giving topic work relating to previous topics we have covered which will be useful at helping to cement the knowledge previously learnt!

1. Science - How does you garden grow?
Find a flower in your garden and sketch a picture of it onto a piece of paper (if struggling to find one you could search for an image on the internet). Use this sketch to then label the parts of a flowering plant... let's see what you can remember! Use the files below to assist. 

You could extend the activity by doing some more Art - a step-by-step video 'How to draw a daffodil' on YouTube - really lovely for Spring time! Link: (pause as you go)
A useful video from BBC is 

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2. History - Stone Age to Iron Age
Watch the following video 'A Day in the Life of a 10-year-old in Ancient Britain' 
Using the information and the things you learnt during our topic, can you write a piece with the same title either from your own perspective as a factual piece or you could do it in first person as though you are in the video, perhaps as a narrative or a diary entry - up to you! Try to include as many topic words as you can!!
Some more videos to watch and recap:
Please see the document below to help transport you back to pre-historic Britain:

 Hands on History document.pdfDownload
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3. History - Stone Age to Iron Age
With help on the internet from an adult, research Stonehenge or Skara Brae - or both if you are interested! They are two very interesting places linked to the Stone Age. Record your information however you like - poster, spider diagrams, written pieces - feel free to send me your work to look at! Try to answer the following questions:
1. What is Stonehenge?

2. Where can you find it?
3. When was it supposedly built? 
4. How was it built?
5. Why was it built? 
Skara Brae:
1. What is Skara Brae?
2. Where can you find it?
3. When was it supposedly built? 
4. Why is Skara Brae important?
5. When and how was it discovered?

As always, BBC bitesize has useful information and websites such as National Geographic Kids - just search google and remember to add 'KS2'!