Remote Learning Week 4
(w/c 27th April)

Hello to my lovely Class 3 families!
Hope you are all doing okay and keeping busy at home. Hard to believe we are nearly at the end of April, but as another week of home learning comes and goes we come closer to being back together! 
It has been lovely to hear from many of you over email, please keep getting in touch as much as you can. It's lovely to hear from the class and hear how they are getting on! 
At the weekend, I baked my third banana bread since being in lock down - not quite sure it counts as healthy eating!! 
Take care,

Miss Saddler


Please continue working on the online White Rose lessons linked below: 

Remember to continue revising your times tables on TTRockstars and Hit the Button! BBC Bitesize daily lessons are also providing good recap lessons in Maths. 

Use the image below as the inspiration for a story:

Break your week down into the following structure of lessons:
1. Idea gathering:
- Where is this?
- Where does it lead?
- Who is here? 
- Do they go down the tunnel? 
- What happens?
2. Write a setting description for the picture including:
- adjectives (lush and green)
- similes (lush and green like a jungle)
3. Character descriptions 
- Who are your characters?
- Describe what they look like and their personalities 
- What brings them to this tunnel? Do they go down? What happens?
4/5. Write a short story including an exciting opening and ending! Remember the styles we have used in class: 
- if, if, if, then
- directly address the reader
- question 
- cliffhanger 
- reflective ending
- surprise ending

Just some ideas to help you, but use this opportunity to follow your imagination! Please feel free to send any over to me on email to read - I would love to hear them. Could be a good opportunity to practice your typing skills, if you have access to a computer once you have written it first! Or you could just send a photo! 

Reading Comprehension 

I have uploaded chapter 3 of the book Time Freeze from the website Purple Mash. Below you will find the third chapter as a PDF, along with comprehension questions (multiple choice), open-ended questions, chapter sequencing and SPAG questions to complete. Remember, you are welcome to logon to Purple Mash and read as an e-book instead. Email me if you need the login details!

Again, work through the activities at your own pace perhaps doing one a day. I would start by simply reading through and discussing it followed by the multiple choice questions the next day. Remember to keep referring back to the text to help you. 

 Time Freeze - Chapter 3 - Chapter Sequencing.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 3 - Multiple Choice Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 3 - Open Ended Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 3 - SPAG.pdfDownload
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1. Computing - We are Programmers
Log on to your purple mash account (email me if you need the details) and re-create an animation using the 2animate programme. Create a storyboard first with a number of images that will come together to form an animation. To do this, you need to decide who your characters are and what the story will be. Try to keep it simple! Remember to keep your background almost the same and only make small changes so it appears to be moving when played back. Also remember to keep saving!!! 
You could start by making a flip book - like we did in class. See the links below to help you... 

Next, you could try taking animation a step further by creating a Stop Motion animation which we discussed in our computing topic. 
Stop motion is an animation technique where a camera is repeatedly stopped and started, to give animated figures the impression of moving. 
Watch the following YouTube clips: 
Using an
iPad/phone if you have access to one and an adult to supervise, you could try and create one! Think about everyday objects or perhaps toys such as Lego characters which you could bring to life! Use this as an opportunity just to have a go and experiment with animation! 

3. Art - Banksy
Using whatever resources you have at home, try to recreate a Banksy piece of art or create your own using his stencilling technique. 
You could use paint, felt tip pens, chalk, crayons...whatever you like! 
Have a look at the website below to try and make a Banksy-style stencil: 
Also, see at the bottom of the page, a Banksy activity sheet! 

You could also have a look at Keith Haring - another street artist we compared with Banksy. With supervision online, research him and find out about his life. Have a go yourself creating some Keith Haring style art. Use the website below for ideas: 
Just go for it and get creative!

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