Remote Learning Week 5
(w/c 4th May)

Hello again! 
Another week goes by! Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your home learning. Please continue to keep in touch, it's lovely seeing what you're getting up to or if you have any queries don't hesitate to email me:

Please check out the Love Music Trust site for some music/singing lessons - more information can be found on the home page :) 

Please continue to work on the White Rose Online lessons. Please see link below for access: 
This week, the lessons focus on money which is a useful recap of something we looked at last term and will be good practice for everyone. There is also a lesson on multiplying and dividing by 3. Continue looking on BBC Bitesize daily lessons and if you want any more specific resources please email me. 

Please continue to practice your times tables on both TT rockstars and Hit the Button - 3s, 4s and 8s in particular as well as 2s, 5s and 10s if you need extra revision. 

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The Truth About Trolls
Please work through the booklet attached below at your own pace, you may not finish it this week. There are a variety of vocabulary and grammar activities to work through, ending with writing an information text of your choice. 

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Reading Comprehension

 Time Freeze - Chapter 4 - Chapter Sequencing.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 4 - Multiple Choice Questions.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 4 - Open Ended Questions - Copy.pdfDownload
 Time Freeze - Chapter 4 - SPAG.pdfDownload
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1. Science - Opposites Attract
Watch some videos on the website below to refresh your memory on magnets! 
Complete the sheets below which include an investigation of everyday objects around your house predicting what will be magnetic and recording your results and an activity sheet revising magnetic poles. 

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2. Science - Opposites Attract
From our same topic, I would like you to think back to friction - what is friction? I would like you to do an investigation into how things move differently on different surfaces...using what you can in your house! Complete the sheet below. Using a toy car (if you have one) or if not think of a different object you could use...see how it moves over different surfaces such as a carpet, a wooden floor, bubble wrap, grass, a jumper... can you write up about your investigation and answer the bonus question? 

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3. VE Day (Victory in Europe)
VE day is fast approaching, on Friday May 8th and this year marks the 75 year anniversary! With it being such a big anniversary, it would be nice to learn some more about it. Please find activities attached below including: information PowerPoint, VE day poetry and some bunting to decorate your home! Feel free to look through them, write down some information or even write your own poem such as an Acrostic poem. 

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