Remote Learning Week 6
(w/c 11th May)

Hello Class 3! 
I hope you have had another good week learning at home and enjoying the bank holiday sunshine with your family. I hope you managed to celebrate VE day from home which was a good excuse to do some more yummy baking! 
I spent last week in school and it was lovely to get to see some familiar faces! 
As always, please feel free to get in touch to say hello or send pictures or pieces of your work to show me at or if you have any questions I will be happy to help!
Miss Saddler x

This week in Maths, please continue working on the online White Rose lessons linked below for the week commencing 11th May: 
Sheets can be found attached below. This week they are looking at multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8 and multiplying and dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. This is great revision of something we have already covered! If children are struggling and you think they need more revision of this, please email me and I can find further resources to help. 

Continue to work on times tables using TT Rockstars website as well as Hit the Button. I have attached a grid to help children with their practicing, they can colour in the times table when they know them and it makes it encouraging to see how many they know and the whole process less daunting! Let me know how they get on. 

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 Times Table List.xlsxDownload
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This week, your first priority is to complete last week's English booklet about Trolls. I hope you found the booklet easy to navigate and enjoyed working on them. When you have finished writing your information text, feel free to send it to me to have a look at! 

This week, I have attached your next booklet to work through. The theme of Trolls continues, but this time you will be writing a story. I have written an idea of how to allocate work through the week but don't feel you have to stick to this if you want to do more/less:

Monday: Read through the background information and take time reading the story, perhaps discuss it with an adult. Then skip ahead and answer the questions on page 8 'What do you think about the story?'.
Tuesday: Re-read the story and go back to complete page 7, 'What do the words mean?'.
Wednesday: Re-read the story then complete page 9 'The Reading Quiz'. 
Thursday/Friday: Complete the 'Grammar Games' section over pages 10-15 which includes looking at adjectives and prepositions. We will then continue working on this next week. 


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Reading Comprehension
This week, we are moving onto a new story which we would have been doing in class called 'Mary Anning and the Time Twister' during our Earth and Rocks topic. I thought it would be nice for you to still read this story. As usual start by reading the chapter, then the next day re-read it and answer the multiple choice questions and choose from open ended questions, sequencing and SPAG questions for Wednesday - Friday. 

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1. Computing - BBC Bitesize 
Please see their lesson for 11th May 'How do we get computers to do what we want?' 
This lesson builds on our programming lessons done in class.  There is a video, some information to read followed by three activities to look at. There is also some further learning at the end. 
2. Computing - Purple Mash
If you need your login details please get in touch and make sure to have an adult supervising.
I would like you to have a go at sending an email! We will do this on Purple Mash as it is a way of practising without needing an email address. As it is a practice, you choose a character from a list to email and it comes back to your own inbox.  I have attached some instructions I have written below with screenshots to help understand the process and make it easier to understand - I suggest reading through this first with an adult. If you have an queries, please get in touch. 

 How to write an email.docxDownload
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3. Computing - Purple Mash
The last piece of topic work this week is again on Purple Mash and is something I think will be really helpful to get more practice with. 
Please go onto 2type within Computing on Purple Mash. It focuses on practising typing on a computer keyboard. On here, please have a go at some of the 'First Steps' videos in particular: 
- Letters and Numbers - all A-Z and 0-9
- Shift Key and Space Bar 
- Punctuation and Symbols
This will help to become more familiar with a keyboard as I have noticed this is something we struggle with in Computing. For now, I think this would be a good place to start but if feeling more confident perhaps look at some areas within 'Moving On' section or try one of the games.