Remote Learning Week 7
w/c 18th May

Hello again Year 3 and families!
Hope you are all doing well and enjoyed another week of home learning! 
Missing you all, please keep sending your pictures and updates and let me know if I can help with anything on 
Stay safe,
Miss Saddler x

Please continue working on the White Rose online lessons, you can find the work sheets and the answers below. The videos can still be accessed online at: 
As usual, continue working on your times tables and remember to practice on TT Rockstars or Hit the Button.


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This week, I would like you to continue working on your Troll story continuing with the Talk 4 Writing booklet to guide you. 
Monday/Tuesday - Innovating Ideas (pages 16 - 18)
Wednesday - Plan your story! (page 19)
Thursday - Write your story! (page 20)
Friday - Edit and Publish! (page 21)

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Reading Comprehension
Chapter 2 of Mary Anning and the Time Twister. Please find all the documents below or you can read it online as an e-book using your Purple Mash login. 

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1. Geography
I think it would be a good opportunity to recap some basic Geography knowledge and skills. I have a number of activity sheets to work through this week:
- countries of Europe
- countries of the UK and surrounding seas
- UK cities
There are lots of interesting videos to watch on BBC Bitesize: 

 UK Map A4.pdfDownload
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2. Geography
This next Geography activity is going to look at map reading using four-figure grid references. Useful for Maths too! We are going to start with a simple activity as this is most likely something we have not looked at before. 
The sheet below will help you:

There is also a helpful video to watch on BBC Bitesize: 
Now I would like you to try and complete the activities below. Start with the Pirate Map as this uses two-figure grid references (there are 3 sheets with different levels of difficulty) and then try the Treasure Island activity sheet as this moves on to four-digit grid references. 
There is then a challenge if you feel you'd like to have a go... Design your own Treasure Map! Stick to four-figure grid references and see if you can get someone at home to work it out. 

 Treasure Island Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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3. Computing
I am hoping you all managed to practice sending an email last week on Purple Mash. If you didn't get round to it, have a look at last week's page and read the instructions on what to do. 
Building on that, this week I would like you to try sending me an email on Purple Mash. When you go to your address book, along with the Fairy Tale characters you should be able to find Miss Saddler.

Please write me an email telling me how you are, what you have been doing at home, perhaps what you are missing about school or whatever you want! It would be lovely to hear from you and a good way to practice writing an email! Remember to get an adult to supervise you online and you might want a bit of help this time. 

Look forward to hearing from you!