Stone Age topic

Class 3 have been creating some Stone Age Cave Paintings! - Tankersley St  Peter's Primary SchoolStone age art.

For our topic on Stone Age we will be investigating:

  • changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

We will be investigating the sources of historical  records and discussing primary and secondary sources. 

To familiarise ourselves with this period of history , we will be dressing as stone age people, discovering how tools were made, making some model tools and exploring how shelters were built. 

As historians we will be exploring:

  • late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers, for example, Skara Brae
    Bronze Age for example, Stonehenge
    Iron Age hill forts: farming, art and culture
  • looking at the shift from hunter gatherers to farming. 


Neolithic Age | Ancient history, History, Ancient humans

The children will be given many opportunities to research the Stone Age through fiction and non- fiction texts.