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Autumn Term- Topic 1



Our current topic is...


What's That Racket?


We Are Musicians


We will begin our topic with an inspirational starter day where we will create our own musical compositions. 

As scientists we will:

  • identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating
  • recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear
  • find patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it
  • find patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it
  • recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases

As computer scientists we will:

  • select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) to create our own musical compositions
  • use sequence, selection, and repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output
  • understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services, such as the world wide web; and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration

Our current class book is...

Ada's Violin

by Susan Hood