Autumn Topic 1


This is a science based topic. We will begin our topic exploring electrical games and identifying how they are powered. Through the topic we are learning to:

  • identifying common appliances that run on electricity
  • constructing a simple series electrical circuit, identifying and naming its basic parts, including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers
  • identifying whether or not a lamp will light in a simple series circuit, based on whether or not the lamp is part of a complete loop with a battery
  • recognising that a switch opens and closes a circuit and associate this with whether or not a lamp lights in a simple series circuit
  • recognising some common conductors and insulators, and associate metals with being good conductors 




Our current text in English is 'The Whale'. We will be writing a setting description and a newspaper report.  

Our current class book is...

The Fireworks Maker's Daughter