Class 4

Remote Learning- Week 11

Welcome Class 4 to week 11 of remote learning!


You can contact me via Seesaw or email 

Each week I will be putting activities on this page. There will be roughly 5 pieces of maths and English and 3 pieces of topic work. You also have your packs that were given out on the final day. Work your way through your pack as you like.

Week 11-  22/06/20


This half term, we would have been looking at the properties of shapes. I have put together activities to do with shapes, their answer sheets and some helpful clips and power points below to support children. Any questions please contact me via email, or the Seesaw app.

Don't forget there is also the White Rose Home Learning page that has lots of videos and BBC Bitesize, there are lessons for each day of the week.

Monday- Triangles

Tuesday- Triangles (2)

Wednesday- Quadrilaterals

Thursday- Quadrilaterals (2)

Friday- Triangle and quadrilateral reasoning and problem solving

Helpful links to support teaching time-

Types of triangles powerpoint

Triangle poster

Types of quadrilaterals powerpoint

Quadrilaterals poster

 1 Monday- Triangles.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday- Answers- Triangles.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday- Triangles.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday- Answers- Quadrilaterals.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday- Quadrilaterals.pdfDownload
 4 Thursday- Quadrilateral challenge.pdfDownload
 5 Friday- Quadrilateral problem solving and answers.pdfDownload
 5 Friday-Triangles problem solving and answers.pdfDownload
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Times Tables

Please continue with your TTRockstars- Link to student login

Other helpful websites with times tables games include-





This week, we are finishing the Talk 4 Writing Booklet, that is all about two twins who have a special secret. 

Mission Possible by Kat Pennington

There are lots of interesting activities and writing pieces to get stuck into so enjoy and if you have any questions or want to show me any of your work, email them over to me or message me via Seesaw. 

You can listen to an audio version of the story here:

Monday - Create a Secret Code (Page 26)
Tuesday - Design a Spy Gadget (Page 27)
Wednesday - Planning and Ideas (Pages 28-30)
Thursday - Plan your story (Pages 31-32)
Friday - Write your story!!!

 Y4 Mission Possible Unit of Work.pdfDownload
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This week, I have uploaded a new book from the Purple Mash website called 'The Last Selkie'. I hope you are enjoy this new story. Below you will find the first chapter as a PDF and some comprehension questions and activities.

 Book- The Last Selkie Chapter 1.pdfDownload
 The Last Selkie- Multiple Choice Questions.pdfDownload
 The Last Selkie- Open-Ended Questions.pdfDownload
 The Last Selkie- Sequencing.pdfDownload
 The Last Selkie- SPaG Questions.pdfDownload
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I will now be setting a new weekly assignment on Spelling Shed- Link to website  linked to the year 4 spelling rules.

Assignment 3- The suffix -ssion

Extra Assignment- Challenge words

I have also included a list of the year 3/4 statutory spellings

 Spelling List Years 3 and 4.pdf Download

New Topic

Year 4 is definitely the year of water! With topics such as; Rivers, Looking at States of Matter and our new topic WATER!

In this topic we will be learning about what happens to water before reaches our taps, what happens to waste water, what courses water pollution and the effect it has on the ocean and looking at how global warming is effecting the oceans.

This week, our activities will focus on water pollution and the effect it has on our beaches and oceans.

Start off by watching the CBBC Blue Planet Live Lesson below-


Activity 1- Create a water pollution poster

Go through the water pollution power point and learn about different types of water pollution. Then design your own poster to create awareness of plastic on our beaches and the damage it causes. 


Activity 2- Research and write a report about an example of water pollution

Search the CBBC Newsround website for stories about water pollution and write a report using the questions on the sheet to help you. 


Activity 3- Water pollution investigate

Can water be 'unpolluted'? This investigation will help children understand the impact of water pollution and think about what possible solutions are available to this issue.

 Activity 1- Water Pollution powerpoint.pptDownload
 Activity 1a- Marine Litter Poster.pdfDownload
 Activity 2- Marine Pollution Report.pdfDownload
 Activity 3- Reversing water pollution investigation.pdfDownload
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