Class 4

Remote Learning- Week 13


Hello Class 4 and families!

  I hope you are all continuing to do well during lockdown. Last week was another busy week creating sculptures and painting for the 'Trouble Bubble'. It was exciting news about classes returning to school before Summer! It will be great to see some of you in a couple of weeks time. I'm really looking forward to it. 


You can contact me via Seesaw or email 

Each week I will be putting activities on this page. There will be roughly 5 pieces of maths and English and 3 pieces of topic work. You also have your packs that were given out on the final day. Work your way through your pack as you like.


Week 13-  06/07/20



This week, we will be revisiting topics we have already covered in year 4. Below there are a number of booklets (with answers included), please select a topic you would like to work on and make your way through the booklet. 


 1 Number and place value booklet and answers.pdfDownload
 2 Rounding numbers booklet and answers.pdfDownload
 3 Addition booklets and answers.pdfDownload
 4 Subtraction booklet and answers.pdfDownload
 5 Maths vocabulary games and answers.pdfDownload
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Times Tables

Please continue with your TTRockstars- Link to student login

Other helpful websites with times tables games include-






This week we are starting a new booklet called ‘Goblinology: The Ultimate Guide to Goblins’ by Kathryn Pennington. 

'Welcome, children, squizzles and wimbles! My name is Dr
Frizzle and I own this spectacular shop. It is a shop full of
curious creatures and magical mementoes. I am particularly
proud of the books that I have in my shop. Let’s have a look
at the bookshelf – watch out for the spider webs!
Ahh… here is one of my favourite ones… Goblinology: The
Ultimate Guide to Goblins. This is a really useful book as
you never know when you are going to find a goblin but,
when you do, you must know what to do with it. Come
with me now and let's read the book together. Who
knows, you may get a visit from a goblin later on!'

Monday- Goblinology: The Ultimate Guide to Goblins Contents page (Page 2) and Introduction (Pages 3-4)
Tuesday- Different types of goblins (Pages 5-7)

Wednesday- Everything you need to know about a Cloud Goblin (Nubes Cobalus) (Pages 8-9)
Thursday- Wonderful words (Pages 10-12)
Friday- Add to the word bank – let’s magpie! (Page 13)

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This week, I have uploaded chapter 3 of 'The Last Selkie' from the Purple Mash website. Below you will find the third chapter as a PDF and some comprehension questions and activities.

 Book- The Last Selkie Chapter 3.pdfDownload
 Multiple choice questions.pdfDownload
 Open-ended questions.pdfDownload
 SPaG questions.pdfDownload
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I will now be setting a new weekly assignment on Spelling Shed- Link to website  linked to the year 4 spelling rules.

Assignment 5- Revision

I have also included a year 3/4 statutory spellings activity

 Spelling Activity.pdfDownload
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Design a healthy sandwich that celebrates at least one item of British produce as its star ingredient and explain its nutritional benefits and its benefits for the environment.

Alongside your design, I would like you to create an advertisement for your sandwich that explains its benefits. You could present this as a poster, video, persuasive letter, presentation, speech- however you like!

 1 Food KS2 presentation.pptxDownload
 2 DT- Food Booklet-KS2.pdfDownload
 3 Design an advert template.pdfDownload
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