Class 4

Remote Learning- Week 2


Message for children:

Hi everyone! I hope your first week went well. I am definitely starting to miss your faces and Friday just wasn't the same without our silly register. Please email me and send pictures, I would love to see what you are all up to. I have been starting my mornings with Joe Wicks' PE sessions (it's harder than I thought it would be!- Link here), ticking off books from my reading list (Audible are currently steaming hundreds of children's books for free- Link here) and I'm about to go an a virtual tour of Chester zoo. 


Message for parents:

I just wanted to say I think all of you are doing a fantastic job! The activities/work I have provided are to help you, but do as much or as little as you want to do. Do not worry if these activities are not done! If there is something else your child is more interested in learning about feel free, see this as a unique opportunity to explore their interests!

Also if your child was not in on the final day and you would like their pack they are available from the school office Mon-Fri (9:30-15:00). These packs are not vital they just include; login information (which I can email you), an empty sketch book, a book, a jotter, handwriting, etc. However, if you would like them you are welcome to come and collect them. Email me if you have any questions or just want to share what you have been up to.


You can contact me via email

Each week I will be putting activities on this page. There will be roughly 5 pieces of maths and English and 3 pieces of topic work. You also have your packs that were given out on the final day. Work your way through your pack as you like.


Week 2-  30/03/20 



This week the activities are focusing on consolidating the fractions work we have done in Spring Term 2. In addition to these activities I would like children to do 15 minutes on TTRockstars ‘soundcheck’ every day.

If you need more support with the previous work given on tenths and hundredths White Rose Maths has helpful online videos for support, activities and relevant answers.


Monday-Calculating fractions of a quantity game

Tuesday- Adding and subtracting fractions helpful video

                Adding and subtracting work and answers

Wednesday- Equivalent fractions power point

Thursday- Equivalent Fractions and Answers 

Friday- Consolidating fractions and answers


 Adding and subtracting fractions.pdfDownload
 Equivalent fractions answer.pdfDownload
 Equivalent fractions.pdfDownload
 Equivalent-Fractions PP.pptxDownload
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Times Tables

Every day 15 minutes of TTRockstars- Link to student login



In English, we have been looking at narratives and the book ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’. We have shared the story and looked some features of writing including; expanded noun phrases, direct speech, fronted adverbials, etc.


This week children are to retell the story of 'Henry's Freedom Box'.

If your child is unfamiliar with the story or there is a story your child would prefer to retell they can use ANY story they want to.

This will be sorted into a-

  • Opening- a young Henry is introduced and taken from his family
  • Build-up- Henry meets Nancy, they marry and have 3 children- Nancy is worried her master will sell their children
  • Problem- Henry's family are sold and taken away-Henry is devastated and plans to escape slavery
  • Resolution- Henry journeys to freedom in a box
  • Ending- Henry escapes slavery and is a free man


Monday- Plan a retelling of the story- Narrative Plan

Tuesday- Write an opening and build-up for their story

Wednesday-Write a problem and resolution for their story

Thursday- Write an ending for their story

Friday- Edit story- Editing activity 


 Editing activity.pdfDownload
 Narrative Plan.pdfDownload
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Reading Comprehension with questions to complete throughout the week Heavenly Hot Cross Buns

 Heavenly-Hot-Cross-Buns Reading.pdfDownload
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Every day 15 minutes of Spelling Shed- Link to website



In class 4, our current topic is the artist Lubaina Himid.


Activity 1- Create your own African pattern PurpleMash Link

Log onto PurpleMash - I have a set a 2do - it will go live on the 30.03.20

(If you do not have your PurpleMash logins let me know and I can email them to you)


 Activity 2- Create your own self portrait PurpleMash Link

Log onto PurpleMash - I have a set a 2do - it will go live on the 30.03.20


Activity 3- Use your improved drawing skills to create a self portrait or a portrait of a family member 


Activity 4- Create your own quiz about all the topics we have done in class 4 so far and quiz your family PurpleMash Link

Log onto PurpleMash - I have a set a 2do - it will go live on the 30.03.20