Class 4

Remote Learning- Week 3


  Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate!


Class 4 are now on 'Seesaw'. Class 6 have also been using this platform since the school has closed.  Seesaw is a secure, online platform that allows children to share their work and lets teachers support and comment on children's work. I have set up the whole class on the platform already, just email me to receive your login information and instructions.

Click here for Seesaw link


Suggested Activity- Live Lesson

On Friday 24th April, at 9:30am (TIME HAS NOW CHANGED TO 10:30AM), class 4 can participate in a one-off live lesson on 'Encounter Edu' (link here). For more information on this live lesson please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

*A reminder that children will need supervision from an adult to watch the live lesson and be aware of online safety whenever your child is online*


Extra Information

In addition to our remote learning page, the BBC Bitesize are launching  daily lessons from Monday 20th April. Just pick your year (Year 4- aged 8/9) and everyday there will be a an English, maths and topic lesson with video clips and activities. 

BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson for Homeschooling 

Creative Steps are also doing home learning videos, just click on the link below and select the KS2 activities.

You can contact me via email

Each week I will be putting activities on this page. There will be roughly 5 pieces of maths and English and 3 pieces of topic work. You also have your packs that were given out on the final day. Work your way through your pack as you like.


Week 3-  20/04/20 



White Rose Home Learning page lots of videos and activities - there are lessons for each day of the week - these are in line with what we would have been learning in class

White Rose Home Learning Class 4 Link

Monday- Make a whole

Tuesday- Write decimals

Wednesday- Compare decimals

Thursday- Order decimals

Friday- Problem solving


 1 Monday- Make a whole answers.pdfDownload
 1 Monday- Make a whole.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday- Write decimals answers.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday- Write decimals.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday- Compare decimals answers.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday- Compare decimals.pdfDownload
 4 Thursday Order decimals.pdfDownload
 4 Thursday- Order decimals answers.pdfDownload
 5 Friday- Problem 1 with answers.pdfDownload
 5 Friday- Problem 2 with answers.pdfDownload
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Times Tables

Please continue with your TTRockstars- Link to student login

Other helpful websites with times tables games include-






This half term in English, we will be working on 'The King of the Fishes'. This is a writing unit from the amazing Pie Corbett.

The story we are going to look at is ‘The King of the Fishes’. ‘The King of the Fishes ’ is a wishing tale. A wish is a magical request for something that you want. This traditional story has been passed around the world by many people which means that there are many different versions of the story out there. Our story is Pie Corbett’s version.

You can also listen to a recording of the story here:


There are some lovely lessons all about wishes. Read it carefully and carryout the activities. I would love to see your work, so please contact me via email, or the quicker way is the Seesaw app.

We will be continuing with this unit next week. 


Monday- Write your own three wishes (A sparky start)

Tuesday- Read the story and what did you think? (Our story)

Wednesday- Word investigation and activities (Words! Words! Words!)

Thursday- Continue with word investigation (Words! Words! Words!)

Friday- Reread the story and answer questions (Read and Understand)

 1 Monday- A Sparky Start.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday- Our Story.pdfDownload
 3 4 Wednesday and Thursday- Words Words Words.pdfDownload
 4 Friday- Read and Understand.pdfDownload
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Non-text reading comprehension with questions to complete throughout the week

 Vibrant Summer Reading Pack.pdfDownload
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Every day 15 minutes of Spelling Shed- Link to website




Our topic for this half term would have been 'Teeth and Healthy Eating'. This topic will look at the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans, identifying the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions and constructing and interpreting a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.

This week we will focus on the digestive system, I have put together a few activities about the digestive system. Any questions please contact me via email, or the quicker way is the Seesaw app.

Activity 1- Name parts of the digestive system

Activity 2- Describe the functions of the digestive system

Activity 3- Make poo! That is create a model of the digestive system using tights. I warn you it's messy but fun! Instructions on how to make poo.

 Activity 1a- Digestive System Parts Power Point.pptDownload
 Activity 1b- Naming Parts of the Digestive System Sheet.pdfDownload
 Activity 2a- Digestive System Power Point.pptDownload
 Activity 2b- Digestive System Function Sheet.pdfDownload
 Activity 3- Instructions for the digestive system model.pdfDownload
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Live Lesson (Geography/Science Focus)

This week as an additional suggested activity, we can also participate in our first live lesson on Encounter Edu, which will take place on Friday 24 Apr 2020 at 9:30am (TIME HAS NOW CHANGED TO 10:30AM). The lesson will be about creative exploration. Please make sure children complete additional activity 1 BEFORE the lesson (on Friday) and have available additional activity 2 for the live lesson itself.

Link to the Encounter Edu Live Lesson

*A reminder that children will need supervision from an adult to watch the live lesson and be aware of online safety whenever your child is online*

 Additional Activity 1- KS2 Creative-Exploration Pre-lesson-preparation.pdfDownload
 Additional Activity 2- KS2 Creative Exploration-Live lesson Sheet.pdfDownload
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