Class 4

Remote Learning- Week 5


Welcome to another week of remote learning!

Last week, I was in school and it was great to see some of you.

On Friday 8th May, we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day! Why not make your own VE Day decorations and have a tea party at home to celebrate? 

You can contact me via Seesaw or email 

Each week I will be putting activities on this page. There will be roughly 5 pieces of maths and English and 3 pieces of topic work. You also have your packs that were given out on the final day. Work your way through your pack as you like.


Week 5-  04/05/20



The White Rose Home Learning page has lots of videos and activities - there are lessons for each day of the week - these are in line with what we would have been learning in class- for the answers to the worksheet use the link

White Rose Home Learning Class 4 Link

Monday- Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit 

Tuesday- Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit 

Wednesday- Divide 2-digits by 1-digit 

Thursday- Divide 3-digits by 1-digit

Friday- Problem solving

 1 Monday Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday Multiply-3-digits-by-1-digit.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit.pdfDownload
 4 Thursday Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit.pdfDownload
 5 Friday- Problem solving and answers.pdfDownload
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Times Tables

Please continue with your TTRockstars- Link to student login

Other helpful websites with times tables games include-






This week, will be our final week working on 'The King of the Fishes'. We will be writing our own stories based upon the story of 'The King of the Fishes'. I would love to see your work, so please contact me via email, or the quicker way is the Seesaw app.

You can also listen to a recording of the story here:

Monday- Write section 1 of your story and edit

Tuesday- Write section 2 and 3 of your story and edit

Wednesday- Write section 4 of your story and edit

Thursday- Write section 5 of your story and edit

Friday- Write the final section of your story and edit

  • Please use the attached worksheets below for support and ideas
 1 Monday- Write Section 1- Model and editing questions for support.pdfDownload
 2 Tuesday- Write Sections 2 and 3 - Model and editing questions for support.pdfDownload
 3 Wednesday- Write Section 4- Model and editing questions.pdfDownload
 4 Thurdsay- Write Section 5- Model and editing questions.pdfDownload
 5 Friday- Write Final Section- Model and editing tips.pdfDownload
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Reading comprehension with questions to complete throughout the week

 VE Day - Children's Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 VE Day - Teacher Notes and Answers.pdfDownload
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Every day 15 minutes of Spelling Shed- Link to website



Our current topic is 'Teeth and Healthy Eating'. 

This week we will focus on food chains, I have put together a few activities about constructing and interpreting a variety of food chains and identifying producers, predators and prey. Any questions please contact me via email, or the quicker way is the Seesaw app.

Activity 1- Watch the food chain clip link here and then complete the vocabulary activity- Match the vocabulary to the correct definition 

Activity 2- Food chain sorting activity- cut out the pictures and use them to answer the questions about food chains on the challenge cards

Activity 3- Create your own food web

 Activity 1- Food Chain Vocabulary and Definition Cards.pdfDownload
 Activity 2- Food Chain Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 Activity 2- Food Chain Sorting Cards.pdfDownload
 Activity 3- Create Your Own Food Chain.pdfDownload
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