Homework 25th Sept.

English/ SPAG

With regard to spellings, we have worked on ough spelling patterns previously and this week we are targeting are able/ible suffix endings. . Words will also be taken randomly from the Y5/6 National Curriculum Statutory spellings list. This week the children have targeted the following:

attached, bargain, committee, definite, develop, familiar, guarantee and thorough. Additional words to this list are: especially, forty, interrupt and persuade.

If your child has any incorrect spellings in the ongoing "tests", I have asked them to practise these. Whilst I appreciate some children find spellings difficult, my expectation is that they improve their score from the week before. That is, for example, 3 incorrect spellings should improve to less incorrect spellings the next time we randomly work on these. All words accurate,  to look at maintaining these and all children to apply spellings in their work independently. 


To complement our work on rounding to larger numbers up to 100,000, children will need to complete the tasks in their red books. 

To further develop place value understanding and rounding, the children can play a game on the following links:





The children have also been asked to continue with their hard work on practising their times tables. Use TT Rockstars, TopMarks.co.uk, 


Please ensure your child is reading regularly and being listened to by an adult at least 3 times a week.