Homework- Half Term


I would like the children to complete in their books the attached reading comprehension, based on an extract from E. Nesbit's - Five Children and It . Remember to answer in full sentences where needed and use CAPITAL LETTERS AND FULL STOPS!

persuade, bargain, committee, interrupt  thorough, attached, develop, familiar, guarantee, definite, commit, vehicle. Please encourage your child to practise these. They should have an idea of the ones they spelt incorrectly in their books to bring home and work on. 

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This week we have been revisiting column method subtraction. Here are some links which show visually different ways of subtracting.



These short videos will refresh the children's memories about subtracting and what to do if the number above is smaller than the number we want to subtract. Words like borrowing, regrouping are now replaced with exchange. This is the terminology that the children are familiar with. Attached below are some subtraction calculations for practice, the children can do as many as they like but I would like at least 20 to be calculated. As a further challenge there are some word problems if the children would like to have a go!

Times Tables: Some children have become a little rusty with their times tables. They worked really hard on them in Y4, so it would be a shame if they allowed all that work to disappear. Please keep practising to enable your rapid recall to improve. 




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In anticipation of our new topic, Battle of Britain, I would like the children to research WW2 and in particular, evacuee children and the Battles of Britain during the period 1940.The following link is useful:


Children can record their work in their homework books.