Homework 22nd April

To support our class learning and plugging gaps this week, the children will need to complete the following tasks, which are uploaded on Seesaw. Whilst there seems to be a large volume of work, it is not necessary for it to be completed in one session, spread the work out. The children are expected to complete their work and bring into school on Mondays. Should there be any issues, I would appreciate them discussing it with me. 


Watch the following video:


Complete the quiz.

The tasks, uploaded to Seesaw will need to be recorded in your homework book. You do not need to print off the sheet, but you can write the answers down with question numbers. You may need some support from your parents. Please mark your work once you have finished. Any issues let me know in class.


Look at the following and work through:


modal verbs and prepositions:

Complete the written tasks in your books, as loaded on Seesaw. 

Science (Biology):

For a creative piece of work, the children will need to investigate an animal life cycle- mammal, bird, fish or reptile.  It will need to be drawn and labelled, coloured in too.