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Homework 21st May    Due Tues 25th May.

Any tasks can be recorded in your homework book. It is not necessary to print sheets. you can write them straight into your book. 


Work interactively online on the following:

online times tables answer required

multiple choice times tables

To further support our learning of decimals, fractions and percentages, play the following :

matching fractions, decimals and percentages

fractions, decimals and percentages match up

 Further tasks attached at the top of this page. The following pupils please do the multiplying and dividing by 10 task:

ERR, BRBB, EP, CG, ( Complete both tasks please-LL, GJ, SH, EG, MM, IJ, )



Looking at the ia spelling patterns from the Y5/6 National Curriculum word list. Random check next week. 

appreciate, especially, familiar, immediate, parliament,pronounciation.

As a challenge for cian words, play the following:


Reading/ Design and Technology

Read the following and answer the questions:

Raven and the 1st People- comprehension

Raven- recreating the story

Raven- summarising the story

If you would like to access your reading plus account: site code is: rphighl3, username: your first name (capital first letter of your first name, capital initial of your family name), password: qwerty.

Challenge yourself to improve your reading!! 


Following on from our D.T week, read through the following and do the quiz:

History of Cars