Homework 4 December


We have been looking at using hyphens and commas this week in our writing. I would like the children to consolidate their learning on this by working on the following activities on BBC Bitesize. The children will need to work through the 3 practise activities at the end of the examples. They can be recorded in their books. 



PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE KEEPING UP WITH YOUR READING. HAVE A GO AT THE COMPREHENSION. Oxford Owls is a good site to work through reading and associated activities. It is a free site to use, you just need to register. 



Square numbers, prime numbers and factors have been going on on class this week! The topmarks website is great for practising lots of skills. Work on square numbers, number bonds 1-10, 1-20 (if you sit on the front row), up to 100 if you want to challenge yourself. All overs work through square numbers, number bonds to 100 and decimal places, halves and doubles. 



 Keep practising your brass instrument too!