Homework 9th October


In class this week we have been learning abut apostrophes - with singular and plural possessions. The children will need to complete their tasks in their books. There are also recommended tasks at Topmarks to secure children's understanding.



I have set the children a ToDo on Purple Mash. The children have all been given their logins and stuck them inside their homework books. I have also shown them how to access the reading task. 



We have been working on addition of larger numbers, including 4 digit numbers, crossing over the tens boundary and carrying forward to exchange. The children understand that when digits add to more than 9 in a column, they must "carry it over" to exchange for the value of the digit column where it is. For example, 7+8 (in the ones column) = 15 .The 5 is placed into the ones column and the 10 ones are exchanged into 1 ten when carried over into the tens column. This method continues throughout the place value number system. The children will need to complete their relevant tasks. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwxyheQNXBU - this video gives an explanation of the method.