Lockdown Learning Friday 8th Jan

Tasks will be put on this page which the children will be expected to complete on Fridays when they are not participating in live lessons. You can decide when the tasks are completed during the day, although you may want to follow a similar structure to the current remote learning timetable.It is not necessary to print off tasks, but if you prefer to, please feel free to do so. Should a paper copy be needed, please inform me in advance, if you do not have access to a printer. However, I request that you only ask for this if it is absolutely necessary. Printing in School is not as accessible as it previously has been, due to a one person policy allowed in the printing room. 

I would like the children to upload one piece from today's work onto Seesaw. Log ins are at the back of their homework books. If they have forgotten how to use Seesaw, there are tutorials available on YouTube. 

New tasks will be set every Friday, although some may be a follow on from work done during the week. 


The children should complete the answers in their maths workbooks. Looking at the numbered questions and recording them in order. If the children wish to draw the place value counters etc to assist them with their working, I am happy for them to do so. They should remember rules regarding written titles, dates and presentation of work. 

This task is a revision task on addition and subtraction that we worked on before Christmas. Next to the PDF tasks you may see your child's initials. I would like them to complete that task, however if they are confident enough, they should tackle the next year group's task. 

For mental maths I would like the children to work on www.topmarks.co.uk and work through the daily 10  addition and subtraction - starting at level 2 and pushing themselves to complete the next level. The children know how to set out their answers and how to self mark. Again, please keep your work neat and tidy!


 Y5 + and - WR assessment.pdfDownload
 Year-3-Addition-and-Subtraction EP & CG.pdfDownload
 Year-4-Add-and Sub WR SS LL ERR BRBB GJ SH.pdfDownload
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Looking at homophones again- their/there/they're. Read through the PowerPoint and complete the sentences on slide 5. Write them in your book, remembering neat and tidy work!

With regard to English, the children will need to remind themselves of sentence construction and cohesion within paragraphs. The cohesive devices pptx is quite wordy and has lots of information, so you will need to read it carefully and take in the information. Then you will need to look at the application activity sheet and use the guidance to begin your topic/argument. Again, remember to keep your work tidy and use the class rules regarding tidiness of work. 


 there their they're.pptDownload
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Using the document below, you will need to read pages 9-11, answering the questions in your process book (at the back). You will be able to self mark using page 12, but do not look at the answers prior to reading the text and answering the questions! Again, neat title and date, keeping your writing tidy as I would expect!


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Further to the introduction of our space topic this week- Out of This World- you will need to ensure you have completed the planets in order ( as drawn in your science books and a copy placed into your new topic book for remote learning).  Label the planets and record a mnemonic which you prefer to help you remember the planets order.  You will also have in your new topic book, the movement and position of the planet worksheet (Purple Mash), as attached below.

This needs to be completed today too.


 Space - Movement and position of the planets (1).pdfDownload
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