Material World

As scientists we will:

  • identify the properties of some materials
  • plan tests and make accurate observations
  • explore making and separating mixtures
  • use good scientific language to explain ideas
  • classify changes as reversible or irreversible
  • report and present findings from enquiries.


We will kick our science topic with a Chemistry workshop on Chemistry with  cabbage. This includes:

A full day of real hands-on chemistry.  Each pupil will do their own experiments, making indicators, testing household chemicals, looking at the properties of acids, do reversible and irreversible changes. We will cover KS2 materials, including evaporation, condensation, melting, dissolving, reversible reactions and states of matter.

To enthuse and engage the children the following links are a great resource

Experiments with ice

Fun experiments

Experiments to do at home


After we have finished reading Once,  

Our class text will be : Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo    Kensuke's Kingdom: Morpurgo, Michael: Books


Our writing outcome will be an explanation text.