Remote Learning wc 20th July

Well we head into the last few days of this very strange academic year. It has been so lovely to be your teacher, albiet that we have been "cheated" out of the last four months. It was great to see so many of you over the past couple of weeks, although some of the keyworkers' children have never been away!! Thank you for being a great lot and a good bucnh of children to have in the class. Mrs Garrihy, Mrs Procter, Mrs Jones and myself will miss you being in C5. We look forward to seeing the next chapter of C6 for you!

I have provided some last week learning resources. I thought it would be useful to investigate food miles and where our food comes from. 


Look through the powerpoints on food miles, giving an explanation of what they are and where food travels from. There is also a maths sphere booklet on prime numbers and factors- you could choose a few pages each day to complete.

Monday- food and environment, peruse through the food miles pdf and suggested websites 

Tuesday- rearing animals and catching fish

Wednesday- what's on my plate? food miles card sort. 

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Work on homophones. Look through the PowerPoint and then complete a worksheet daily.:

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