Remote Learning Week 10

WC 15.6.20

Hello. I hope you all continue to be well. It's been such a long period of time this whole lockdown! It was lovely to be in school last week with the key worker children, including some from our class. All the staff are looking forward to being back in school and hopefully seeing more of you as time goes on. Thank you to those of you that have contacted me- it is uplifting to hear and see what you have been doing. Please do send in more photos etc. Share any books with me that you have read and if you would recommend them. Summer reading challenge commences soon- see information below. If I can help with anything at all, please contact me. I will endeavour to do what I can. 


For this week's tasks, I would like you to continue with the financial education that we worked on last week. Some tasks can be worked on online without needing paper copies. 

Monday- look through types of bank account PowerPoint. Complete the online activity.

Work through the which account activity sheet.

Tuesday- work through the quiz on credit and debit cards. Then make your decisions on the worksheet based on what you have learnt.

Wednesday-Read through the info and terms doc. Look through the powerpoint links between jobs and money. Match the jobs and activities to the salaries. Complete the jobs lesson on working out amounts of earnings.  

Thursday-Looking at tax deductions from salaries. Watch the video-

Complete the task on tax and salaries.

Friday: Look through the activity on-

 Friday Pea-Brain-Budget.pptxDownload
 NatWest types of bank account.pptxDownload
 Task 1 Monday Which_account_Activity_sheet_.pdfDownload
 Task 2 Tuesday debit_and_credit_cards_activity_sheet.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Weds -job lesson.docxDownload
 Task 3-What_are_the_links_between_jobs_and_money_Presentation_UK..pptxDownload
 Task 4Thursday-Tax and Salaries.docxDownload
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The English tasks include some poetry work with metaphors and similes together with some SPAG work too. 

Monday- Hold fast to dreams - metaphors and similes. Complete the task.

Tuesday- Polishing up your dictionary skills.

Wednesday- Work on word puzzles Games 1-3

Thursday- Work on the word puzzles Games 4-6

Friday- Fronted adverbial task.


 Friday fronted-adverbials-game.docxDownload
 Tuesday Dictionary Challenge.pdfDownload
 Word Puzzles.Weds & Thurs.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Week 5 Day 1.docxDownload
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Continuing with the text- No Greater Treasure work on the tasks from Purple Mash: home/serialmash/serialmash_saphires/no_greater_treasure_pupils

I have also set Chapter 3 as a 2do on Purple Mash. 

Please share with me any good texts that you are reading- fiction or non fiction. 

I know lots of you love to do the Summer Reading challenge which is being launched again soon. See the information below.

 Schools_pack__Summer_Reading_Challenge_2020 (1).pdfDownload
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 No_Greater_Treasure_Ch2_Muktiple choice .pdfDownload
 No_Greater_Treasure_Ch2_Open ended pdf.pdfDownload
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 Continuing from last week's work on plastic pollution, we will now be investigating Air Pollution. There are some experiments if you would like to investigate air pollution further. Check with an adult first before you do any experimenting!  


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